Tips to Enjoy Reading Comics

In the US, around 6.5 million people read comic books every day – which is a lot of people. If you’re one of them or are thinking about getting into comic books, make sure to bookmark this guide.

When it comes to reading comics, there are lots of tips you can follow to make the experience more enjoyable. This can range from trying new comic books to creating a setup at home.

Want to learn more in detail? Read ahead!

1.    Play mobile games at the same time

Some comic books – but not all – can be quite bulky. Usually, this means they take a long time to read. People with little patience can make the experience not so fun. A good example of this is the Masters of the Universe comics, which are typically very long due to the nature of the storylines.

With that said, it’s recommended that you take breaks inbetween reading different comics and series. For convenience purposes, you should play mobile games (after all, your smartphone is probably right next to you whilst you’re reading).

Spin Palace, an online casino Canada, is a great option for gamers who enjoy short bursts of entertainment as their slot games are fast paced and fun – ideal for quick breaks. In addition to this, you can download comic book-themed games from you’re App Store, such as Marvel Contest of Champions (which is free to play, by the way).

2.    Stick to one series at a time

Reading comics is generally more fun when you don’t overwhelm yourself. Reading too many at a time can spoil the experience, which is why it’s always best to stick to one series at a time.

If you’re searching for interesting comic book series to try in 2022, here are some suggestions:

Remember, the comic book world is all about scheduling. When you read everything in a structured order, it makes the experience better!

3.    Create a comic book setup in your home

Rather than simply reading comic books on your couch, you should create a comfortable space in one of your rooms (a ‘setup’) so that you have somewhere to unwind and relax while reading.

Ideally, you should look to include a comfortable desk chair or floor beanbag. On top of this, you need to make sure the lighting is perfect, otherwise, your eyes will become strained while reading.

When it comes to the walls, you should equip them with comic book posters and art that you enjoy. For example, a lot of comic book fanatics like to cover their walls in Marvel posters.

4.    Try new genres

When people read comic books for years as a hobby, they can sometimes become bored. Usually, this is because they’ve always stuck by the same genre and never tried anything new.

If this happens to you, make sure to switch up your taste. There are lots of exciting comic book genres to try at the moment, including slice-of-life and (of course) the classic superhero genre.

5.    Join comic book forums

Lastly, make sure to sign up to comic book forums so that you can chat with like-minded people and exchange comic book suggestions. Reddit is a great platform for this, as it has tons of different subreddits for you to try, such as r/comics and r/marvelcomics.

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