Tim Hortons re-enacts marketing collaboration with Justin Bieber and launches Beavers Brew

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The match between Tim Hortons and Justin Bieber in marketing paradise is back with a new French vanilla-flavored chilled coffee.

Biebs Brew is a pop star rendition of the cold brew coffee chain launched last year.

Tim Hortons said the drink was inspired by his “slightly sweet teeth” and “love for his coffee’s delicious vanilla flavor tips.”

The coffee is soaked for 16 hours to enhance its flavor, while the French vanilla syrup gives it a sweet and creamy taste, the company said.

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Biebs Brew will be released next month with a limited edition stainless steel tumbler co-produced by Canadian performers.

Avni Shah, an assistant professor of marketing at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, said: “It’s much more efficient and productive than traditional advertising.”

She pointed out that the singer has 236 million followers on Instagram, compared to Tim Hortons’ 456,000 followers. “With just one post, he reaches millions of people,” Shah said. “It’s much more productive than advertising on a billboard.”

The latest product collaboration took place after the first phase of the celebrity approval agreement last November was a huge success. At the time, Tim Hortons introduced new limited-time flavors of bite-sized Timbits donuts, dubbed Timbits, and co-branded products.

Items such as tote bags, beanie hats, and funny packs sold out quickly, and resellers were emerging online demanding thousands of dollars.

Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer of Tim Hortons, said: “The kids went from school to lunch and lined up around the building.”

The fact that Timvieb’s products were only available for a limited time added to the buzz, Shah said. “It created a sense of rarity and drove demand,” she said. “It also helped generate word-of-mouth ads online.”

Meanwhile, the restaurant’s loyalty program, Tims Rewards, provides corporate data on how customers purchased Timbiebs and its associated products.

The collaboration did an “overindex with young guests,” but customers of all ages scooped up Timbiebs products, Bagozzi said. Marketing experts say that some of the benefits of teaming up with Beaver are to appeal to young demographics.

Earlier this month, Jose Cil, CEO of Tim Hortons’ parent company Restaurant Brands International, said the first part of the collaboration exceeded the company’s expectations.

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Justin Bieber-Photo: CNW Group / Tim Hortons

The revival of celebrity nomination contracts is expected to boost sales of the restaurant Cold Brew, which Tim Hortons launched in 2021. At the time, the company said guests could enjoy their drinks in a variety of ways, including “smooth and velvety vanilla cream.” It’s unclear how that flavor differs from the new French vanilla flavor Beaver Brew.

The partnership between Tim Hortons and Beaver is consistent with Canadian singers frequently posting on social media about restaurants. A performer who grew up in Stratford, Ontario, shares her post about losing Tim Hortons while traveling outside Canada, dating back ten years.

“Collaborating with Tim Hortons has always been my dream,” Justin Bieber said in a statement. “I grew up in Tim Hortons, and it was always something close to my heart.”

“We couldn’t stop at Tin Beaver. We also needed a Beaver Brew,” he added.

Successful brand collaboration involves celebrities who are already interested in the brand, giving the partnership a genuine feel. “Justin Bieber is a Canadian who played hockey and grew up with Tim Hortons,” she said. “If he teamed up with Dunkin’Dounts, that wouldn’t be the same.”

Biebs Brew will be available at Tims restaurants in Canada and the United States on June 6th. Stainless steel tumblers are only sold in Canada.

The company is also reviving Timbiebs Timbits, a chocolate white fudge, sour cream chocolate chips, and birthday cake waffle for a limited time.

Tim Hortons re-enacts marketing collaboration with Justin Bieber and launches Beavers Brew

Source link Tim Hortons re-enacts marketing collaboration with Justin Bieber and launches Beavers Brew

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