TikTok’s Tinx says in a 2020 tweet that she’s “terrifying”-E!online

Tinx There are more tweets to deal with.

TikTok star was born Christina Najar, Answered fan questions about tweets from 2020 that she liked or interacted with. Tweets collected on the Reddit thread r / tinxsnark Sophie Ross On April 22nd, Tinx retweeted and showed that he appreciated the tweet. Boris Johnson, Donald Trump And COVID-19.

“In 2020, I was in the same scary and destructive place we were all,” Tinks wrote in Instagram Stories. “I was confused, frustrated, depressed, anxious, scrolling the internet, looking for all sorts of amnesty and explanations. Anything that instantly robs those emotions.” I wasn’t. “That” is not a satisfying answer. “I liked that tweet, but I was thinking clearly, but that’s true.”

The political tweets she interacted with at the time tended to criticize Democrats and praise Donald Trump. One of her retweets is, “Democrats simply internalize what cultural totems such as NYTs, lobbyists, and economists tell them. Therefore, they are easily threatened and deceived.” In 2020, Tinks continued to favor tweets praising the actions of politicians like Donald Trump.

TikTok’s Tinx says in a 2020 tweet that she’s “terrifying”-E!online

Source link TikTok’s Tinx says in a 2020 tweet that she’s “terrifying”-E!online

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