Thursday’s Letter: Why Do You Believe in Lucky?

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A well-respected RCMP member and several civilians who worked closely with the RCMP in Nova Scotia all said Trudeau and his liberals were influencing the tragic investigation of the 22 murdered innocent Canadians. I testified that I tried to give RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki says it didn’t happen. Who do you think appointed her? Justin Trudeau. Would she say anything negative about him? Of course not. Even Trudeau’s supporters question the fact that he exploited this tragedy for his own political gain, leaving them questioning after all his scandals and lies to Canadians. You would think Is he really the great leader they believe in?

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(Great question.)

that is gas

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland recently said that the brutal Russian aggression has turned global supply chains upside down, and international partners have made inquiries about our country’s ability to supply other strategic resources, prompting Canada’s potash industry to decline. acknowledged how “geopolitically essential”. Instead, we should ask German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sought supplies of his LNG from the world’s fourth largest producer, only to be told by the prime minister that it is not really feasible. years to come.

Al Willie

(There really is no way to treat guests.)

rich tradition

“Cultural Mosaic”, “Melting Pot” and “Multicultural”. A term that can be considered synonymous with Canada due to its vast cultural diversity. Canada is known for its cultural substance in addition to its rich history. We have accepted many cultures from all over the world. Canada’s official languages ​​are English and French, but approximately 20% of Canadians speak another language on a daily basis. Across Canada, you can see this diversity celebrated in some way. Take Edmonton’s Heritage Festival, for example. An annual festival that gives locals the chance to ‘visit’ different countries and get a glimpse of their own cultures along with delicious food.

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Nayab Amin

(Surely something is celebrated.)

down the drain

As usual, Edmonton City Council continues decades of contradiction and fails to see how meaningful community initiative could be. Their decision to do so is a drop in the bucket given the ongoing costs of the Valleyline LRT. What about the cost of bike lanes compared to community use? And what was the cost of the Talse Ball? The mismanagement and prioritization of funds goes on and on. However, Skonapool won’t because our councilors who are supposed to be connected are apparently out of touch. Perhaps they really need to understand what the term legacy means and how their decision is to have no legacy.

Kelly Cadra

(Hopefully the new Rec Center isn’t far away.)

Thursday’s Letter: Why Do You Believe in Lucky?

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