This travel-friendly mini straightener has over 4,600 Amazon reviews-E!online

Are you wondering what a real shopper thinks? Check out the reviews below.

“I originally bought this straightener for overseas travel and was very happy. It was very easy to pack and use while traveling. The heat resistant case straightens the bangs and immediately puts on a straightener. I was able to put it in the case and then put it inside. I don’t have to worry about damaging my luggage and I also use this straightener for weekend trips and daily touch-ups of my bangs. I highly recommend it! “

“I love not to burn my hair. My hair is soft and shiny. It’s much better than an old iron. I ordered a larger size to straighten my long hair faster. I used a smaller bangs. I love this product. “

“I bought a full size one of the same brand as this mini iron. It gets hot quickly, it doesn’t get caught in my hair and it’s small so it’s easy to use. I have thick and coarse hair so I mainly use it for styling big Irons and irons for touch-up. It’s hard to use on the whole head. Both irons give off a nice shine and the finish is as expected. I had a CHI iron and plastic before this. The switch It broke. If I knew this was such a great product, I would have thrown away the CHI iron and bought it long ago. “

“I’ve had a CHI straightener for over 10 years. It’s always” done the job “, but find out how much damage it has done to my hair, and something smaller and more portable. I also wondered if I could do a better job. The problem has been solved! This little straightener is amazing! I’m thick, shoulder-length, and very curly. I also live in the south (basically a swamp) and take a long walk to work every morning. As I finished walking to the building, I was in a huge mess with curly hair, so I was desperate to solve this problem. No frizzy hair, no big, heavy flat iron, just a smooth, silky straight lock.

“I love it. I bought this for a trip to New Zealand and Australia. It’s much more compact and lighter than a standard straightener. It has dual voltage built in so I didn’t have to buy a converter. Smaller than a regular flat iron, but the blades are still big enough that it only took 5 minutes to iron the hair flat. 8-10 inches long from the shoulders, medium I have thick hair. I definitely recommend it. “

This travel-friendly mini straightener has over 4,600 Amazon reviews-E!online

Source link This travel-friendly mini straightener has over 4,600 Amazon reviews-E!online

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