This stretching routine actually made me more flexible

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I started this stretch challenge to see if I could be more flexible, but I have to admit that I was secretly expecting it. that is no work. After all, if it doesn’t work, it means I can quit without feeling guilty.

But what? It worked, And now I have to suffer from the results. Are you on a journey where you have to keep stretching and always think about how far you are from what you think is successful? Or did I finish, knowing that I could have gotten the split if I had the time, but I finished, so didn’t?

I think it’s a dilemma for me to ponder in my time. For now, let’s find out what happened.

  • I have stretched 20 times in the last 6 weeks and have averaged about 3 stretch sessions a week.
  • Most days i did This stretch routine Or something very similar. It took about 15 minutes.
  • In the last 5 sessions, I ran the same routine for the last 2 weeks, but used PNF (also known as PAILS and RAILS) techniques. As explained here..

A well-known phenomenon of flexibility is that (1) after any or all of the warm-ups, you can go deeper into the stretch, for example with aerobic exercise or other movements. (2) Stretch for a few minutes. (3) Use advanced stretching techniques such as PNF. This means that at the end of each session, you can deepen or lower the split with a touch of your toes from the beginning.

So I decided to take front and back photos to give myself a fair basis for comparison. cold.. I didn’t do aerobic exercise first (usually warm up on a spin bike). I took pictures within seconds of arriving at each position for the first time that day. Who cares if stretching techniques can stretch further in a session? But if I could get the cold even further, I know I was actually more flexible in the real world sense.

Now look at this:

4 photos of me doing a front split that isn't too close. In the previous photo, my leg is the same as the flesh of my forearm. In a later photo, I'm clearly a few inches lower.

Upper: Front. Bottom line: After.
Photo: Beth Scaleki

These are the front splits I tried. Obviously it’s far from putting your butt on the floor, but there’s a noticeable difference between the front photo (red shirt, top) and the back photo (black shirt, bottom). My front legs are lower than the ground. This can be seen by comparing where the forearm is with respect to the forearm. This is a result of the increased flexibility of the hamstring. It also increases the flexibility of the hip flexors of the hind legs, allowing the torso to remain more upright.

(A few weeks ago, I realized that if my ultimate goal was a front split to erect the torso, it would make more sense to support myself with props so that I could erect while stretching. These days I have two forearms. While I’m actually working on this, it’s a chair, but I didn’t do that in the “front” photo, so I’ll pose accordingly in the “rear”. bottom.)

How is your upper body progress? Check this out:

Four photos from behind me trying to clasp my hand from behind. In the three photos (both front and back), I'm holding a red shirt. In one of the later photos, you can touch both hands together without a shirt.

Photo: Beth Scaleki

Again, that’s subtle. In the previous photo, you need to use the object (here the red shirt) and pull both hands together.But in the after-photos of my bad side (right arm down), I can get my hands close enough to actually do it. juuuust Touch your index finger to your thumb. On the positive side, you can now actually hold your hands together without using a T-shirt with your left arm facing down.

The difference is only about 1 inch.But man, the first time I could touch my finger without a shirt I was shocked..

Well, another one.Recall that we started this entire adventure with a video that took me From not touching your toes to putting your palm on the floor in 3 minutes.. This is an example of that in-session adaptation. But before and after the last, I compared the “before” photo of the previous session with one of me touching my toes today.

Left, front: My hands haven't reached my toes completely. Right, back: My fingers comfortably touch the floor. I'm 3-4 inches deeper.

Photo: Beth Scaleki

good, Fuck.. I can do it. I’m angry. And yes, the difference after stretching is the same. After stretching on the first day, I was able to soften my knees and put my palms on the floor.Recently, by the end of the session, I can often put my palm on the floor Locked knees. Stretching works, and I’m probably going to continue with it, and you can do so if you wish. Blarg.

This stretching routine actually made me more flexible

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