This professional ultrarunner is doing 3 things to save the planet

Ultrarunner, Coach, Activist Damian Hall We’re taking steps to tackle the climate emergency and have some advice for runners who want to do the same. is an endurance athlete. Wainwright coast to coast and Pennineway. He also placed his 5th in his 2018 UTMB.

Hall makes record attempts to raise awareness about the climate emergency, including using public transport for racing and refueling without animal products or plastic waste. . He collects garbage, runs to raise money for Greenpeace, and recently wrote his second book. We cannot run away from this.

Hall is also a co-founder of green runnersis a group that aims to inform runners about the impact they have on the planet as they train, eat and race, so that they can decide how to change their behavior.

“I think individuals should just fuss about their personal CO2e footprint, but there are three big areas where we can reduce our impact,” says Hall. Travel, diet, gear (or kit, as Hall calls it), and what Hall calls the Big Three. This is what we can all do.

Limit travel to races

“For most runners and outdoor enthusiasts, the largest portion of individual emissions comes from travel, which accounts for one-fifth of global emissions. It’s the most carbon-emitting activity you can do, Hall recently explained. adventure book.

Hall suggests taking public transportation whenever possible, which can be difficult in North America. With public transportation (such as trains) not as accessible in Canada as it is in Europe and many runners live outside of the big cities, travel may seem like a necessary evil to race.

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Carpool can help where possible, but I asked Hall for more suggestions on this. I don’t think we should. We should continue to do what gives us joy, but do a little less harm to the planet if possible,” says Hall.

Hall tips: “These days I ask myself: A. Do I really need to race? B. If so, what is the lowest carbon way I can actually travel there? , can I make better use of my trip? D. Offset is definitely not the solution, but I’m doing it anyway.”

eat less meat

“Eating meat is terrible for the planet,” says Hall. “Meat and dairy alone account for 18% of his CO2e in the world, more than he travels. Beef is by far the worst offender. graph I went vegan,” he adds. “His quarter of our footprint comes from food, and just cutting animal meat and juices can reduce him by more than 70%.”

What about locally or sustainably grown meat? Hall says it’s just as bad. “Eating local is usually not good for the environment (90% of food internationally is shipped, which is very efficient). It’s much more important than what it’s wrapped in,” he explains.

buy less gear

Are there shoes you buy that are advertised as eco-friendly? Hall says they’re part of the problem. The industry excels at greenwashing touting phrases like ‘environmentally friendly’ while endlessly pumping out products that constitute a crisis of overconsumption,” he explains. Running his shoe industry accounts for about the same annual emissions as the share of halls in the UK as a whole.

Damian Hall and too many clothes
I threw away my running gear.Photo credit: Damien Hall

“These shoes are almost all made of plastic (i.e. fossil fuels), almost all are non-recyclable, and the brand says you should bin your dap after 300 miles in case you get hurt. (There is no research to prove this),” says Hall. Our running clothes are just as bad. “The entire apparel industry could be causing many times more pollution again, perhaps as much as 10% of the world’s CO2e,” adds Hall. “And there are various environmental and ethical issues in the production process.”

Hall tips: “The most sustainable kits are the ones we already wear. We need to buy less and make them last longer.”

“For me, it’s pretty simple: doing the best you can with the three big things: travel, kit and diet. He has one more tip for us. it’s a supporter. “Help drive system changeJoin protests, vote, email representatives and ask for changes to local running clubs and races. ”

This professional ultrarunner is doing 3 things to save the planet

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