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This Jeopardy!Superfans and archivists helped train the greatest men of all time

Originally from Guelph, Ontario, Andy Saunders runs the Internet’s preeminent Jeopardy. It’s a fan site and you won’t miss an episode.

Andy Saunders is watching each episode Jeopardy! Only once without pausing the television, it is the result of considering all the work done behind the scenes at home in Guelph, Ontario.

Armed with Excel spreadsheets and websites, Jeopardy!fan, Saunders summarizes all shows with subtle statistics, such as the percentage of time each competitor first buzzed. What was each player’s score when ignoring all daily doubles bets (well known as the “Coryat score” after a former player).For example, a mathematical simulation to predict 22 days with fellow Canadians Jeopardy! Champion Mattea Roach has a 46% chance of extending his current streak to 25 games.

And it doesn’t count all the time spent almost updating him, screaming in response to the clues he thinks he knows. 11,000 Twitter followers Including the former Jeopardy! Guest hosts, champion winner tournaments, and even official Jeopardy! Social media account.

“I usually watch alone,” says Saunders. “If there were others, I think they would be interested in everything that was happening like this.”

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It wasn’t necessarily a single case. Sanders wore diapers when the daily syndicated version of the show, hosted by Alex Trebek, premiered in 1984. .. By the early 1990s, they had invested so much in the show that the category revealing became part of the fun. The words started out as a jumble, so his dad paused the tape and skipped frame by frame to see who could guess correctly the first category.

Saunders participated in the following trivia quiz competitions Reach for the top Graduated from high school and college Quiz bowl.. But it was the first time he was studying at Brock University in 2004 when Ken Jennings began winning a streak of 74 historic games. Jeopardy!Sanders says he has evolved into a “super fan” of the show.

That same year, Sanders became one of the founding archivists of J!recordA fan-managed database that keeps track of everything Jeopardy! Clue, amount, and player reaction dating back to Season 1 of the 1984 Game Show. This is the website that Jennings researched and previously used. Jeopardy! Champion Amy Schneider was recognized as the best preparation for a streak of 40 games with her total income of over US $ 1 million.Meanwhile, Trebeck is the first J!record, He reportedly replied: Get your life. “

“Alex is a little older school, so he probably thought: Jeopardy?? “Sanders says. “It doesn’t matter. I didn’t mind if he thought about it at all.”

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Time spent maintaining Sanders Jeopardy!fanThe site he took over from Jeanie Kenkel in 2015 (which ended as a runner-up during her lonely appearance at the 2012 show) is now of his job, thanks to Patreon’s support, merchandise sales, and advertising. It covers most of it.

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He directly witnessed the impact that a hardcore fan like himself could have. For example, when Michael Davis took over executive production in 2021, Sanders said he paid more attention to grassroots efforts to edit statistics, as if the game show was a sporting event of some sort. increase. Jeopardy! “ After the recently added daily match “Box score” A unique website containing data on the longest streak of each player controlling the board.

However, Saunders has never controlled the board himself. He has been auditioned several times and has met Trebeck in person at an audition in Toronto in 2017. Jeopardy! The host has appeared in a surprise audition but has not yet been selected as a contestant.

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This Jeopardy!Superfans and archivists helped train the greatest men of all time

Source link This Jeopardy!Superfans and archivists helped train the greatest men of all time

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