This is Why Betway is the Go-to Sportsbook for Canadians

After the federal government legalized single-event betting last year, Canadians could soon bet through dozens of home-based sportsbooks. None of Canada’s 10 provinces is yet to commercialize sports betting, though.

As a result, betting through foreign sportsbooks is still the most popular way to bet on sports in Canada. Over 50 bookmakers accept punters from the great white north.

But for a large number of Canadians, Betway is the go-to betting website. Why, you ask? You can read a comprehensive list of reasons in’s comprehensive review. But if you’re in a hurry, check out some of the reasons below.

#1: Betway is Safe and Trustworthy

For many Canadians, legitimacy and trustworthiness are the most important features in a sportsbook. If a website looks unsecured and untrustworthy, it’s not worth the effort.

Fortunately, Betway meets the criteria for security, legitimacy and trustworthiness. For starters, it’s an established brand launched in 2006. Secondly, it’s a licensed company with offices in Malta and the UK.

In Malta, Betway is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. In the UK, Betway has to abide by the laws of the Gambling Commission. These laws include securing its website to protect people’s data, providing fair odds and paying out to winners without fail.

In addition to encrypting your data through SSL, Betway also features a firewall to keep off unwanted traffic. It has a certificate of trust from eCOGRA and supports 2-FA to help protect your account.

#2: Customized Services for Canadians

We know—Betway is a global brand with a presence in more than 50 countries. But do you know why the company is so successful globally? It features custom-made websites for nearly all the countries it operates.

In Canada, it has a site with a Canadian domain name. Then it prioritizes Canadian sports leagues, from the NHL to the CFL. Importantly, it supports both English and French languages.

Still on customization, Betway supports the Canadian dollar, local payment methods and personalized bonuses. Don’t be surprised if Betway applies for Canadian licensing once provinces open up the process.

#3: A User-friendly Interface

Betway is by no means the most attractive website out there. However, it’s neat, fast and easy to use. These are, after all, the main features people look for in a good website.

Whether you want to log into your account, check odds or make a deposit, web pages on Betway load instantly. Importantly, the web pages are organized categorically.

Another important feature of Betway’s website is that it runs seamlessly on mobile devices. This is essential for Canadian bettors—87% of the country own smartphones and use them for online activities.

In some countries, Betway has apps you can install on your android or iOS device. In Canada, the company supports mobile betting through its website.

#4: Hundreds of Daily Betting Markets

If you’re like many Canadians, you use Betway because of its wide array of betting markets. Virtually any sports you can wager on is available on Betway. As mentioned, Betway organizes its products neatly.

It has a menu featuring major sports from left to right: Soccer, basketball, hockey, football, rugby, tennis, MMA and eSports, to name a few. On the other hand, it highlights upcoming games vertically in their order of urgency.

Although Betway prioritizes major sports and leagues, you can always use a search feature to find specific sports and leagues. You could also click on the ‘trending’ section to discover the most popular betting products in Canada at a specific time.

#5: Live Betting

Betway doesn’t just support pre-match betting. It also offers in-play betting. This helps punters in Canada wager on sports when games are live on air. Imagine watching hockey while also having the chance to bet on everything taking place.

The biggest benefit of live betting is that you can wager at any moment from the time a game starts to a minute before it ends. Another benefit is that odds change quickly, which can mean great odds at times.

There are risks to live betting, though. For example, you need to watch every minute of the game to have a decent chance of making correct predictions. Again, the constant changes in odds can be overwhelming, leading to wrong decisions.

#6: Deposits and Withdrawals

When Betway launched in 2006, it used to support a handful of payment methods. There was Visa. Then there was MasterCard and bank transfer. Today, Canadians can deposit money to Betway through a wide range of options.

It all boils down to your preferences. People who prefer card payments can still use Visa and MasterCard. However, there are other options, including digital wallets and cryptocurrencies.

That said, payment methods aren’t the main reason people choose Betway. Instead, it’s the company’s reliability in paying out to winners. Canadians are certain Betway will pay them when they win, even if it’s a million dollars.

#7: Odds and Bet Types

Providing quality odds is important for a sportsbook. You see, every bettor wants to win a decent amount of money for every bet they make. In fact, some people create accounts at different sportsbooks to compare odds before they bet.

When you have an account at Betway, you don’t really need to join other betting site. Betway is the one of the best sportsbooks when it comes to providing quality odds.

It’s also great at offering a range of bet types. It doesn’t matter the sport or league. You can bet on money lines, totals, spreads, parlays, and props. If there’s something people can bet on, you’ll probably find it on Betway.

#8: Bonuses and Promotions

Let’s face it. Canadians didn’t fall in love with Binance all at once. Betway has had to market fervently to attract the attention of Canadian punters. Usually, the company uses bonuses to create awareness about its products.

The bonuses come in many types. There’s the welcome offer worth up to $100. There’s also a bonus boost that gets you up to 20x your bet amount. This applies to parlays—you get a bonus if one of six or more accumulated bets fail you.

For clarity, Betway also features an online casino. And still, you can get offers whether you’re new or a regular customer.


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