This $ 7 Liquid Foundation has a 5 star review over 77K on Amazon-E!online

You don’t have to accept our words about it. Make sure people are saying about this foundation.

“I’ve been using this product for about three years and it hasn’t changed. I’m 65 years old, wrinkle-free, wide coverage, not too heavy, not too light.”

“I love this foundation. This is the first foundation that fits my skin perfectly. I like to wear it during the summer so give me a medium to light coverage that I personally love I really have acne scars. Don’t love me. It makes me aware of myself. But it covered me with this product. In the two linked photos, I used only the foundation. There was no concealer around the cheeks and forehead. The first photo is before, the second photo is after. I applied the foundation to the problem areas. Clearly the coverage this foundation gave me. You can see. Also, it’s important that this foundation is matte. I have very greasy skin, so this is my chalice. I just read this review. It continues and is perfect. Blended. I bought another bottle because I love it! (By the way, I got the color 330 Toffee Caramel) “

“Recommended for oily skin! I didn’t know the match so I bought two colors but used them together. It’s a matte and light foundation that feels like a second skin …. Best By the way! I lasted at an open-air concert of 5 finger death punch, bad wolf, breaking Benjamin without the use of primer or setting powder! It’s a buildable coverage that smoothes and covers unevenness and thin layers Face red I’ll definitely buy it again !!! I only got 4 stars because one bottle has less than the other, but it doesn’t seem to leak at all. I don’t know what happened, but the product itself is great. The first photo is me without makeup. You can see how red my face is. The second photo is just before the concert and the last one is after the concert! A little oil goes through But it’s still on my face and I don’t look oily! “

“I’ve already bought this foundation many times, so I wondered how much I would love it. I love it. I recommend this foundation to all my friends. They love it too. It doesn’t matter. If your skin is greasy or dry-my skin is very dry and sensitive. It should be part of the makeup collection. Medium coverage. Recently. , My skin is so clear that I can cover everything with just a few dots on my face .. Even if my skin is dry, it doesn’t flatten or look like a cake. Very It looks natural. It’s amazing because there is no SPF and you don’t have to worry about flash photography.
Now let’s talk a bit about packaging, I hate it. Prices vary depending on where you buy them, but I’ve been buying backups here since I found them cheap on Amazon. I’m using 220 Natural Beige in the shade, MAC NC37, L’Oreal True Match W4, Milan Conceal + Perfect 03 Light Beige, Face Peach Perfect Natural Beige. “

“I’ve been wearing Mac and Estee Lauder for 10 years. I’m a person with oily skin. But today, let me say that this foundation is all a bomb. Skin. This price foundation is on my skin. I didn’t think it would look great. I’m surprised because it’s not heavy on the skin at all. In the Mac Foundation, I’m nc 50 and Estee Lauder Im. 6n2 .. truffle .. This foundation is Capuccino .I love it.”

“This product is great. I have tried multiple foundations from high end ($ 65- $ 70) to foundations in these price ranges. I have been using competitor brands for about 2 years. I I have adult acne (nodules and cysts). It’s very difficult to find a foundation that is completely covered and doesn’t clog pores. I was hesitant to try this foundation … breakout I was afraid.
I wasn’t disappointed. This make-up is amazing. And the longer you wear it, the better it looks without emphasizing wrinkles and wrinkles. The photo provided is one layer of foundation (without primer). When I add layers, the foundation doesn’t look like a cake. After using this product several times, there were no additional breakouts. The foundation didn’t fit well, so I bought multiple colors. From the top of my arm and foundation, from left to right, there are 120, 115, 105. The 105 did a great job for me. We will continue to purchase this excellent product. “

“I love this make-up. It feels very light, but it has good coverage. It’s not like a cake.”

After watching numerous YouTube videos at the best drugstore liquid foundation, I decided to use Maybelline FitMe Matte and Poreless. I usually wear powder bare mineral make-up, but my skin has changed and it doesn’t work well with powder. There is also oily / combination skin, and the matte surface is attractive. I also saw so many reviews of this on your tube that I really wanted to try it.

“I really like foundations. It’s light on the skin but has a covering power. It was important to me because it has acne. Certainly, it gives a matte finish without the need for hardening powder. Also pores. I’ll hide it. I bought two. I didn’t know which one would fit, so I mixed the colors and it matched perfectly. I put two color pictures on my arm. The bright color is natural ivory (right) and the dark color is Nude beige. The lighting is from the outside and may be different in color from other lights. Nude beige looks darker than online. For tanned people. Natural ivory is a pink shade . “

This $ 7 Liquid Foundation has a 5 star review over 77K on Amazon-E!online

Source link This $ 7 Liquid Foundation has a 5 star review over 77K on Amazon-E!online

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