This $ 26 Cooling Pillow Set has over 127,000 5-star Amazon reviews-E!online

Wondering what real Amazon shoppers think? Check out the reviews below.

“My boyfriend, the noisiest guy I know, rates this pillow on a scale of 10 out of 10. This is due to the flaws in almost every product. It tells a lot. The pillow keeps its shape and supports the head. It’s soft and comfortable. It rolls as much as a pig in the mud at night, and this pillow works in every position. Also, in the middle of the night. I noticed that I could sleep much better. Weekends usually wake up by 8:30. The first night I slept on this, I was dead to the world until 10 am! Certainly the clock is wrong. I thought, but no, it’s just a pillow. “

“Great pillows! I was so noisy, I bought a lot of different pillows and handed them out, but so far these are absolute guardians!”

“Very comfortable. I am very happy. I ordered these pillows. They are soft and firm pillows. I have less neck pain, I sleep well and I wake up. I used to sleep on memory foam pillows that were too hard. .. This is very good! Note that these pillows flatten in a vacuum sealed bag. They swell nicely when you take them out. Also, there is no mold problem. They are crispy. Arrived cleanly. “

“Better than $ 200 pillows. These pillows provide support but feel soft and comfortable without losing shape during sleep. I’m mostly a backsleeper, but often on my side Turn around. These pillows provide great support for both sleeps. Don’t get hot while sleeping! Very happy and highly recommended! “

“The best pillows like a hotel. I used Costco’s gel memory foam pillows, which was good but too hard. At first it looked too soft, but after it was plump It was comfortable to sleep in. It feels like a hotel pillow with plenty of support. It will be known over time if it stays firm, but for now they feel like a paradise to fall asleep. .I strongly recommend it.”

“Forget Casper. These pillows are the best I’ve ever had. They’re fluffy, cool, very comfortable, and provide just the right amount of support.”

“Pillow cracks! The first night they arrived, I used one and didn’t tell my husband about the other. I literally hit the pillow and went out before the latest pillow fell asleep. Apparently I Sleeped so well that night that I couldn’t hear the baby crying or my husband with her. He thought I was dead while I was sleeping, so I thought I grabbed me trying to wake up. The next morning. I was embarrassed to sleep so I had to explain myself. The next night he tested the pillow. Needless to say, five nights later. I won’t throw or spin anymore. I’ll give you the best pillow! “

This $ 26 Cooling Pillow Set has over 127,000 5-star Amazon reviews-E!online

Source link This $ 26 Cooling Pillow Set has over 127,000 5-star Amazon reviews-E!online

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