This $ 19 Cooling Towel Pack has over 8,000 5-star Amazon reviews-E!online

Wondering what real Amazon shoppers think of these cooling towels? Check out the reviews below.

“Without these handy dandy” chilly “towels, we couldn’t survive Disney World. Helped keep me cool all day long. Wrapped around the neck, the children wore it as a bandana on their foreheads. At some point I wrapped one. Relieve hot feet around your thighs! “

“I was a little skeptical because in the past the cooling towels were so dry that they couldn’t be folded and stored well, but they’re much better! I love the color, feel and tricks that help cool you. I would have bought more and recommended it to some friends. “

“It works amazingly well. I don’t know what magic it takes to make these towels, but it’s a gift from heaven. I bought it for my July Disney trip (Disney in July). Must be cooler in hell than!). Wet in the morning and put in the included small zip lock bag. Pull out in the sun a few hours later and it’s cooler. Feel great over the burning shoulders and face. Dirty and chilled. To keep it cool in a used stroller, I wrapped my toddler’s neck and squeezed it into my shirt. It was great. Absolutely for anyone who is hot, exercising, or hot flushing. It is recommended.”

“I’m suffering from heat stroke and headaches, so my doctor told me to get a towel. I’m very happy with the materials and packaging. In addition, these cloths have a ziplock plastic bag. Comes with 4 unique clips / carabiners. Great for long hikes and headache relief on hot days. “

“I ordered these for my maintenance personnel and I ended up ordering another pack for myself. These really work. After chilling in the heat of Florida for at least 3 hours , You need to add water and cool again. Keep it cool. “

“I bought it on a trip to Disney World, which gets hot and humid in August. I’ve seen similar products, but I’m not sure if it will work, but I can say I’m actually using it. Just do it. / Soak it in water, squeeze out the excess, shake it off, or snap it a few times and apply it to your neck or skin. You can certainly feel the cooling effect. I don’t know how it works. Actually used. The temperature was 110 degrees and the humidity was quite high, these towels could withstand waiting in the sun and also helped to absorb sweat and wipe off stickiness. rice field.”

“We used them at Disney World on a record hot day, and it changed our lives. We always go to Disney. This is what we use these. It’s my first time and never go without them again! And our toddlers are cool! It dries after about an hour in the peak heat of Florida, but can be re-wet with warm water and is cool. That’s it. Worth the. “

This $ 19 Cooling Towel Pack has over 8,000 5-star Amazon reviews-E!online

Source link This $ 19 Cooling Towel Pack has over 8,000 5-star Amazon reviews-E!online

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