This $ 11 Handheld Luggage Scale has over 29,000 5-star reviews on Amazon-E!online

Are you wondering what Amazon shoppers really think about this handy luggage scale? Check the following.

“The best purchase for travelers. For travelers, they know the importance of knowing the weight of their luggage before and after their trip to avoid airport charges. At home using unreliable methods. After weighing the luggage, I had to sort out the luggage at the last minute at the airport, so I decided to make this purchase. I was able to reduce the stress during the trip. For convenience, I decided to buy from Amazon instead of the in-store retail store. You can buy based on other people’s reviews. This scale is all about travel abroad, where every ounce and pound makes a difference. It was accurate on the trip. Great purchase, I recommend! “

“It’s accurate, sturdy, easy to operate, and easy to carry.”

“This little device has proven to be 100% accurate. The weight of a suitcase at the airport is the same as at home on this scale and it’s very easy to use. I recommend it. “

“It’s a great product. It’s super fast and free shipping. I tested it right away with absolutely known weights such as high quality workout weights and scales. I was impressed. It’s easy to learn the features quickly. It wasn’t. Even if you don’t read the instructions, you can put one hand on both sides of the T-handle, with one hand if the bag is light, the handle is big if it is heavy, and the reading also flashes three times. After that, it stabilizes for 2 hours and gives you enough time to sit and look at the bag. Good design and well-made scale. ”

“I recently traveled and found that United Airlines would cost $ 200 for a suitcase with luggage over £ 50. It’s great to weigh your luggage before you travel, so it weighs your luggage. You can see. It ’s very cool. ”

“It’s a compact product that’s perfect for traveling. It doesn’t take up much space and weight when you put it in your luggage bag. It’s very convenient to weigh your luggage, so it’s extra beyond the weight limit. You don’t have to pay for it! “

“Wallet saver. This was a big investment. I had seven suitcases and two teenage kids during my vacation. The day before my return, we scrambled to pack all the belongings and gifts we had collected during our vacation. I was scrambling. This scale was pretty. It’s accurate. I wasn’t charged for overweight luggage. Buy it so you won’t regret it !! “

This $ 11 Handheld Luggage Scale has over 29,000 5-star reviews on Amazon-E!online

Source link This $ 11 Handheld Luggage Scale has over 29,000 5-star reviews on Amazon-E!online

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