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These tricks will help you free yourself from your bathroom “stage horror”

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If you are having a hard time taking care of your business in a public toilet, you are not alone.by International Paralysis AssociationAn estimated 21 million Americans suffer from paruresis, or what is colloquially known as “shy bladder syndrome.”“ People who suffer from paruresis find it difficult to urinate when others are present. They need complete privacy to use the bathroom, Struggle Just waiting outside the toilet for someone to “go”. This may sound ridiculous to you, Paruresis Second most common social phobiaRank only behind the fear of speaking in public.

There are not many studies on the causes of paruresis, and there are not many specific studies on how to cure paruresis. However there that is Several Tips to overcome the next attack.

Hold your breath

Member of the Board of Directors of the International Paralysis Association Dave Chris swears in a “hold” way.. With this technique, hold your breath for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat this with each subsequent breath until you relax until you no longer feel the “fear of the stage”.“ According to Kliss, this method gives best results when you start counting to 100 after the third breath.

Do math in your head

A junior high school math teacher asked, “When do you really need this?I knew what they could do answered “Because it helps you in your bathroom Losing the stage “? According to David Gilbert of the EcoSys Wellness Center, mental arithmetic is a solid technique for eliminating the mental block caused by paruresis. He explains:

Ignore the fact that you have to urinate. Instead, focus on doing addition and multiplication problems in your head. These must be so difficult that you really need to focus, Example: 16×16. It doesn’t matter if you get the right answer. Effort is a trick. Forget that your mind is shy while concentrating on something else, and behold, you are urinating.

Try this trick the next time you go to a restaurant. If you need to pee and calculate the check percentage, you can also hit two birds with one stone.

Focus on the wall in front of you

I don’t know where to find good advice. Some are passed down from generation to generation. Some, like the Reddit thread, were found by someone with a username of l in an unsuspecting place.ike u / fitznutzz30:

The secret is as follows. Just stare at the smallest flaws in the walls and tiles or admire how straight their grout lines are. It removes focus from your shyness and sheds flow.

U / gunnerzz1008 Backing this up, he says:

This is the way! I stare at the ads on the wall or look at the tile grout bubbles.

in cOnclusion

If these tips do not help with paruresis, you can pursue more powerful treatments.In severe cases Focus on mental health professional For support. moreover, medicine Anxiety-relieving medications and alpha adrenaline blockers are also used to treat paruresis. It is important to consult your doctor before giving these treatments.

These tricks will help you free yourself from your bathroom “stage horror”

Source link These tricks will help you free yourself from your bathroom “stage horror”

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