These $ 23 Lululemon Dupe leggings have a 5-star Amazon review over 28K-E!online

You don’t have to accept our words about it. Check out what recent reviewers have said about these buttery soft leggings.

“Before you start, let me know that I’m a huge leggings snob. I’m very noisy with sportswear. I spend a lot of money on Lululemon, Ptula, Nike, Under Armor and it’s pretty affordable. I tried a number of. Online brands such as 90 Degree, Tesla, Fabletics, queenie ke. These are … oh my god … these are great. Thin but mostly crouching evidence, similar to Lululemon It has a matte finish., SEAMS. It has a gusset that prevents the toes of the camel and flattens, so the seams on the inside of the thigh do not rub. “

“I just bought 6 pairs of these. These are my GO TO leggings (here from Hopescope). The biggest advantage is that they are very affordable and close to Lululemon quality. “

“I love these leggings! Amazing quality (compared to gym shark / Nike and other leggings), and they wash well-it stays the same after months of wear.”

“I was able to keep up with how much I love these leggings.”

“Update: I still love these leggings! I’ve held up through wash and hot yoga. I love them.”

“I absolutely love these leggings! I’m literally hunting leggings forever! I’ve bought and returned myriad leggings in search of affordable alternatives to Fabletics leggings and Lululemon aligned leggings. These are Lululemon. Closest compared to aligned leggings. Used in the photo comparison. The biggest pet peve in high waist leggings is when the waistband has a dan seam and is biting into the skin. After giving birth to four children. Regardless of your body shape, the central part is in permanent condition. The squish leggings from loose skin don’t want to remind you that lol! These are seamless at the top, hit in the middle of the belly button, Provides moderate compression (much like aligned leggings, but less compressible Fabletics). “

“These leggings quickly turned out to be of good quality. They are soft like butter, prevent crouching and feel like a second skin! Of course, they are super cute.
Sadly, the only problem I have with these leggings is that the waist is too loose TAD. I definitely keep these, but next time I will definitely reduce the size. “

“I tried so many leggings, but I couldn’t find anything like this. I saw a girl wearing them at Target and approached her. Buy some and tell me. INLOVE. Just offload and buy old leggings. If you have a chance, these are very comfortable and high quality. SOFTESS SSSST leggings like never before. Neither can be seen through. Very flattering. ..

These $ 23 Lululemon Dupe leggings have a 5-star Amazon review over 28K-E!online

Source link These $ 23 Lululemon Dupe leggings have a 5-star Amazon review over 28K-E!online

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