The woman claims that Johnny Depp is the father of her baby in a court blast

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On the 21st day of the actor’s defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, a woman claimed that Johnny Depp was the father of a child in an unexpected and shocking explosion. However, the whole case seems to be just a joke.

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The moment happened early that day on Monday when the court was trying to take a break for a regular morning break. I didn’t tape the moment because the camcorder was switched off, but reporters and photographers gathered in court to witness what happened.

Law and crimeAngenette Levy was one of the reporters still in the room. “Suddenly this woman … she stands behind the courtroom with her baby and says,” Johnny, I love you, our souls are connected, “Levy was broadcast by the press. I remembered in the segment. Levy added that Depp began waving at women before things went even more crazy. “She hugged her baby and said:’This baby belongs to you,'” Levy said.

The woman was soon taken out of court and her access wristband was cut off. “The lieutenant was like’you are here’,” Levy explained. “It was pretty wild. It was a moment.”

US actor Johnny Depp makes a gesture towards the gallery for a break in the court of the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 23, 2022. After she wrote her work in court in the Washington Post in 2018, calling it “a public figure representing domestic abuse.”
— STEVE HELBER / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

Law and crimeJesse Code Weber was stunned to hear Levy’s account. “Was she waiting to enter the courtroom with her baby at 1am? If so, that’s a bigger issue,” Weber said, adding that individuals attempting to enter the courts secure seats. He mentioned the fact that he had to wait hours before the daily procedure to do so.

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of Law and crimeThe clip, the woman who caused the explosion, can be seen in the background in the distance, perhaps in her baby stroller talking to someone about the incident.

The woman later said that everything was a farce. She said she had discussed her planned explosion with her husband. She said, “They thought it was a joke and it would be interesting.” Law and crimevia TooFab..

“For reference, everyone,” Levy added. “Johnny Depp doesn’t have a third baby in today’s courthouse.”

The woman claims that Johnny Depp is the father of her baby in a court blast

Source link The woman claims that Johnny Depp is the father of her baby in a court blast

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