“The time of change is far behind.”

Scotiabank announced on Tuesday that it would suspend its sponsorship of Hockey Canada following allegations of sexual assault revealed last month.

Brian J. Porter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Scotiabank, said in an open letter to Hockey Canada and all hockey fans and players across the country, “I’m stunned by recent reports.” I think we should be held accountable.

“Today we have decided to suspend hockey Canada sponsorship, which is appropriate measures taken to improve the culture within the sport, both on and off ice hockey. Until I’m sure I’m there, “Porter wrote. Canada “fully cooperates with federal audits” and confirms that Scotiabank’s sponsored funds have been “used as intended.”

According to Porter’s statement, the suspension of sponsorship will include canceling plans for the Scotiabank marketing event at the World Junior Championships in August and redirecting World Junior sponsorship investments to other programs. .. For young people, and for women’s world championships. “

Scotiabank will also make a donation to the Canadian Women’s Foundation to support women who are victims of gender-based violence.

“The time of change is far behind,” Porter wrote. “We call on Hockey Canada to act with a sense of urgency to ensure that the games we love are kept to the highest standards.”

Editor’s Note: Scotiabank sponsors Sportsnet shows such as Wednesday Night Hockey, Hockey Day in Canada, and Hometown Hockey.

On April 20, a woman filed a lawsuit in the Ontario High Court in London, Ontario, and stated that she had been sexually assaulted by eight CHL players in June 2018 after an event at the Hockey Canada Foundation. The woman does not name the players, some of whom are part of Canada’s World Juniors list for 2017-18, and John calls them 1-8 in her claim statement. .. She also wants to keep her identity secret. Hockey Canada settled the proceedings in May.

In the weeks that followed, the organization has been in the limelight in handling allegations and proceedings, facing questions from the federal government about its reporting structure and whether it used public funds to resolve the proceedings.

Scocia Bank is not the first person to suspend funding for Hockey Canada following the incident-last week, Canadian sports minister Pascal Stoongji announced that the federal government would freeze funding-but , It’s the first major sponsor to come out publicly and take this kind of financial action.

In addition to receiving money from major sponsors such as Scotiabank, Hockey Canada also receives approximately $ 7.8 million annually (6% of its annual budget) from the Government of Canada. The federal funding freeze will continue until the organization discloses the recommendations provided by Henein and Hutchison’s third-party investigators and signs the Sports Integrity Commission’s office.

Also last week, the House of Commons calls for an independent hockey investigation after a government hearing asked by MPs about the handling of allegations by President and Chief Operating Officer Scott Smith and retiring CEO Tom Lenny. Made a motion. Canada.

“The time of change is far behind.”

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