The summer in phase of de-escalation

The year 2020 was complicated for everyone. The situation and everything that has happened, of course, no one expected it. All plans and objectives for the year were affected. The set of concerts, events, parties and celebrations that require large gatherings of people were progressively cancelled. Many traditions have been suspended or postponed, but also those more intimate and personal encounters with  London escorts or lovers and partners.

Each country and locality has been affected differently. At first, many interpreted COVID-19 as a “simple flu” and minimized the risks. However, others took more restrictive measures.

The fact is that, although much has been written and said about the pandemic, there are still things to investigate and learn about the COVID-19, because the more information you have about the virus, the better you can fight it to prevent infection and more bad news. Reason why everyone is working on it to get there as soon as possible.

Evolution of the pandemic

As the days and weeks went by, new reports came in. While China seemed to have practically overcome it, Europe was in the process and had already passed the peak and the “worst part”, but was still in the de-escalation. After, it was the turn of Latin America where the data were alarming.

Attempts are still being made to stop and reduce contagion through various quarantine, hygiene and social distancing measures, and economic activity is reduced. With the approach of July and the longed-for summer for many, a strange moment approaches, filled with fear of a new outbreak.

Trips, departures, celebrations, festivals and other activities typical of this time of year are now impossible. Everything has changed and there is a summer of pandemic, where national tourism, summer homes and online events are now the stars.

The most important thing is health


The news, the uncertainty, the fear of being away from loved ones, the loss of work, changes in routines, stop visiting the favourite Melbourne escort and other reasons, have affected and influenced all people. Their way of thinking, emotional and even relational state.

Everyone dreams of going back in time, before everything had happened, where everyone could hug and kiss normally, go out with friends, see their family… The freedom and the absence of worry to be able to make their life with calmness.

The life of before. The boring normality of before.

Now, it seems that for some, as that “normality” is closer, it is easier to forget things. But it is in that moment that everyone must continue to strive and take care of themselves, so that everything achieved is not in vain and things continue to improve.

The new normal

The mask, gloves and alcohol gel have become the world’s best friends. Although hope is growing for the future, health recommendations must continue.

Social distancing, washing hands… The more careful everybody is, the less likely there will be contagion. Especially to prevent future outbreaks. That’s why people have to think together, act as a community and take care of themselves to protect others as well.

In some places, such as Europe, they are now even preparing to open up the borders and return economic activities with a marked strategy. Each government is taking the measures they deem appropriate.

Although there are still many restrictions, little by little they seek to return to normality and carry back the routine, especially in the economic sector. Skokka and other brands know this, so they recommend being cautious, have patience and stay home when it’s required.

Near are the days of pleasure, freedom and tranquility, of meetings and celebrations in groups. Gone are the days of buying toilet paper and bleach en masse.

It remains the need to learn from this situation to become stronger, though.

Although people can’t do everything many would like, there are many things they can do, but with reduced mobility, a tighter budget and greater precautions. Some government measures to facilitate and motivate tourism convey confidence to gradually return to normality and routine, which is the best option.

Everything has had to be adapted in the best possible way to avoid paralysing economies and further aggravating the situation.

A new perspective for understanding life

There’s a different kind of summer coming that people are not used to enjoying in other ways; Other types of pleasures that are normally overlooked, like getting to know each other better, experience new things and see the local beauty that surrounds every neighborhood and district around.

Find out how important it is to be with loved ones and remind them about it. Be aware of all the nearest surroundings. Admire the beauty of the small details, practice self-knowledge and try to recover everything that was always postponed for lack of time.

Do small renovations at home, start a small business, get to know the neighbors better, improve diet, binge all the shows and pending movies… or meeting your favourite Sydney escort. Many things can be done.



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