The seven deadly sins of dog ownership

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Long ago in evolution, dogs were pack animals, but since then they have been carefully bred for their ability to help people, so knowing their position in the hierarchy is deeply rooted in the dog’s spirit. Dogs don’t like democracy. They want a society with strong leaders, and if they don’t, they step into that role. Many pet owners, especially new ones, do not set consistent rules, modify unwanted behavior, or discipline pets. Maybe it’s a “good” way, or maybe dog cheating is “cute”. Regardless of the reason, you can send a message that the dog is in charge.

Dogs that consider themselves a family / herd leader can have disastrous consequences. They don’t listen to your orders and, like attacking other dogs, can even attack you if you feel out of line. pack. If your dog growls at you or doesn’t listen to your orders when you go near food or toys, you may not have established your position as its master. There is sex.

The seven deadly sins of dog ownership

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