The Raptors’ defense returns to orbit as Siakam prepares the attack

Hey, how are you? I’m glad to see you again.

The Toronto Raptors defense recently took a mid-season vacation. You may have noticed. The Raptors have gone from 48 minutes of hell playing a laser-like overtaking lane that covers the floor with a high-tech security system to a warm blanket that enemies can comfortably spend.

But Toronto is starting to show their teeth again. Or maybe they really have something for the Washington Wizards.

Anything is fine. For three games in a row, Toronto has defended to mean something and results are starting to come out. The Raptors (11-13) suffocated Wizards 102-90 after a 2-8 start at home and won the Scotiabank Arena for the second time in a row.

It wasn’t a pretty win, but the Raptors are fine with it. Instead, when I wasn’t flying in a Wizards shooter, I had my hands in the lane and my body on the floor.

Box Score tells the story when Toronto hosted Bradley Beal and Wizards. It’s one of the joyous surprises of the east, thanks to the off-season image change and the record of 14-9, which ranked 4th at the conference when the ball went up. Shooting from the field is only 41.7%.

The Raptors jumped into the lead early, mostly because Washington started a two-fifteenth shot. It didn’t last long, but the Raptors didn’t really get close to wasting their early property.

Even if the Raptors stalled at an aggressive point, their defense was never lost.

Aggressive Toronto was ignited by Pascal Siakam, who had the best moments in the bright red stretch of the second quarter, but with enough rest to hit the lane key jumper at 3:37. It was left in the tank. The wizard had to steal a road game that he couldn’t win in business.

Siakam finished 10 out of 21 with 31 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists. It was the second highest scoring match since returning to the lineup after off-season shoulder surgery.

He hasn’t reached its peak yet. The Raptors defense was able to hold the fort after the lane jumper missed two more midrange attempts and flipped the ball on the drive.

Chris Boucher scored 14 points as the Raptors bench had a positive impact, with 10 points and 14 rebounds at Precious Achiuwa (a center in Nigeria that started at the GOA basketball camp) on the night of the African Giants.

However, despite Siakam’s continued signs of returning, the Raptors’ defense is a bit like the old self, which is even more encouraging as he has averaged 93.7 points in his opponents in the last three games. Will be.

It’s a welcome turnaround. After aiming to be one of the NBA’s best defensive teams in a training camp, the Raptors have shown signs of that possibility before becoming the worst defensive team in the league for a long time.

However, the balance seems to be back. The Raptors continued two better defensive efforts this season, losing to Memphis on Tuesday and defeating Milwaukee on Thursday before competing against the Wizard. In these two games, the Raptors allowed only 101 points per 100 possessions. This is the fourth best in the league and much better than the stretch of the previous 12 games, which allowed 116.7 points / 100 in 3-9.

They made it even higher in the first half. Toronto led Wizards 23-11 after the first quarter, holding Wizards to a five-second shot. This was important because the Raptors shot 8/23 and Siakam clocked in, so they weren’t on track exactly. 1-of-6.

However, Siakam began to find his feet. This was a non-uniform process as we tried to speed up after missing the first 10 games of the summer, training camp, exhibition season and regular season after having a shoulder surgery in June.

His overall numbers have been very good as he averaged 19.4 points, 7.5 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 47% shots in the 10 games he played since the minute limit was lifted.

However, Siakam does not control the scope of the game very much.

The situation in the second quarter with Wizards changed when he fired and hit seven straight shots with 17 points in seven minutes. He also scored easily. There was only one triple. When viewed from above, it is wide open. He cut for layups, scored one point in transitions, and worked otherwise to put himself in a comfortable midrange look. It helped Siakam bet Toronto on a 21-point lead by a rare spark from the Raptors bench by the time he checked in for the second-quarter shift.

Wizards eventually joined the party and set fire to 9 out of 26 Coldwell Popes in the second quarter, but by the time Siakam scored, Toronto had a 24 lead and 63. Headed for -42 half-time lead and Siakam. There were 24 points.

However, Wizards was never completely suppressed. Caldwell-Pope fired in the third quarter, and Wizards slashed Toronto’s lead. Now it was Toronto’s turn to fight aggressively. They shoot 9/21, Siakam is 1/5, and his midrange doesn’t seem to have fallen. Toronto scored only 21 points this quarter, but was still fourth with 84-68.

From there the defense is firmly held and Toronto tries to stay in touch in the east while waiting for something like Chem Birch (knees) or OG Anunoby (hips) to come back (the pretty sturdy defender himself). The lineup is optimistic.

The Raptors’ defense returns to orbit as Siakam prepares the attack

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