‘The Masked Singer’ kicks off Season 8 with a big performance and an even bigger unmask!

To Brent Furdick.

“The Masked Singer” is back. It features wilder costumes, bolder performances, bigger stars, and far more unmasks than any season so far.

The popular Fox reality competition mystery series kicks off its eighth season on Tuesday, helmed by host Nick Cannon and directed by die-hard panelists Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger.

The show introduced fans to the season’s first four performers, including Harp, Hedgehog, Knight and Hummingbird, as well as this season’s amazing new format. Instead of one star being revealed and the rest moving on to the next day, only one would get the chance to sing another day and the other three would take it off with just one song.

Harp was the first singer to take the stage and delivered a flawless rendition of Pink’s “Perfect” that wowed the judges and audience.

“What a great way to kick off the show with Season 8! With a legend, obviously,” McCarthy marveled at the jaw-dropping vocal display. “That was outside the park. See you at the finale!”

“You were beyond power. You command that stage,” Scherzinger added with emotion in her voice. Can’t wait to see who it is.

Next came Hedgehog, who presented a clue package full of British references, backed by a full drumline and marching band, before blaring a delightful cover of The Beatles’ “Love Me Do.” Played one of the most bombastic numbers of the night.

Speaking to the judges after the number, Hedgehog gave a big hint at his identity when he revealed that he had won both a Tony Award and a Grammy Award.

Hummingbirds in colorful costumes take the next stage for a joyfully controlled performance of Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Want To Be,” joined by a row of feathery pink backup dancers. I made a fun number.

“It was great, man. I think it was a good selection. We had a blast. And you were hitting every note,” praised Chic. “

Knight, the final singer of the night, appeared in one of the most bizarre costumes in recent memory, appearing not only to be a knight in shining armor, but also riding a horse. was there to enjoy and embrace the weirdness of the show from the beginning.

Introduced with a trumpet fanfare, Knight puts a new, distinctive twist on Fred Astaire’s famous song “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” and from his distinctive voice in Knight’s costume, you can tell who is who. I immediately understood.

And when it came time for the audience to vote, the suspicions were quickly confirmed, with Knight being the first character to pick up an axe. revealed to be none other than the legendary William Shatner!

The Emmy-winning star spoke with ET on Wednesday to reflect on how difficult acting in elaborate costumes really is.

“My friend said it was one of the worst experiences he’d had in his life…and when I put on that costume, I realized it was true.” Shatner laughed and said, “I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t move…it was just inexplicable.”

“But I think that’s the fun of the show. Put these performers in costumes you can’t manage and watch them suffer!” he added.

Sharing his experience with the panel after removing his mask, Shatner echoed the sentiment. Words cannot describe how bad it was. I couldn’t see anything. Can not walk. The noise was deafening. The mask was destroyed. Oh that was fun! ”

“Well, it was fun,” McCarthy said with a laugh.

The next costumed contestant voted out was a hedgehog! Despite his enjoyable performance, it wasn’t enough to save him from unmasking.

After the usual “Take it off” chant, the hedgehog shed its spiky costume head to reveal himself as iconic comedian and Monty Python star Eric Idle! After explaining that he had personally written to Paul McCartney asking permission to sing “Brian’s Life”, he performed his legendary song “Always Look on the Bright Side” live.・The show ended with a performance. of life. “

The groundbreaking cartoon spoke with ET on Wednesday, recalling his time on the show, saying it was “very Zen,”

“The producer said, ‘It’s a very silly show,’ and I said, ‘Well, I think I’ve been in some silly shows in my time,'” Idol joked. Said. “So I thought it was in my wheelhouse. That was one of the things that appealed to me.”

Regarding the unusual level of anonymity on the show, Idle recalled: From the moment I agreed to do the show, I was a hedgehog. “Oh good morning hedgehog, hello hedgehog, how are you hedgehog?” It never stopped making me giggle.

After unmasking, Harp was, as most would expect, the winner of the night, leaving Hummingbird as the last contestant to unmask. will know his identity when “The Masked Singer” returns next Wednesday at 8pm ET/PT on Fox.

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‘The Masked Singer’ kicks off Season 8 with a big performance and an even bigger unmask!

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