The Mariners will place Torrens in Illinois after a fight with the Angels.Expected to stop

Seattle (AP) — The Seattle Mariners were injured in a fight with the Los Angeles Angels and lost at least one player.

They are waiting to know who else will lose due to suspension and how long they will lose.

Seattle put catcher Luis Torrens on the 10-day injured list on Monday, injuring his left shoulder in a close quarters match with the Angels the day before. The Mariners were almost unharmed in the two battles, except for Torrance and manager Scott Survey, who had a bruise on their arm.

The real pain of Seattle can still come when the suspension is taken over. Outfielder Jesse Winker and shortstop JP Crawford may miss some matches after being sent off.

“It shouldn’t be part of Major League Baseball, and you can certainly say,’Well, this should or should have happened.'” Seattle told Baltimore on Monday. Before opening the home stand, the survey said.

“So there will be some stops, and they will hurt for the players involved. They are playing a lot for us. They are doing a really good job and you Whenever I lose a keyman, it hurts. “

The brawl took place on Sunday in two 2-1 victories by the Angels — four minutes of the mayhem that led to a delay of about 18 minutes.

The Angels were upset after Mike Trout was about to be hit on the pitch from Seattle’s Erik Swanson on Saturday night. Interim manager Phil Nevin made a late decision to go with the rarely used relief Andrew Wantz for the opening round on Sunday.

Wants started the second inning by throwing a pitch behind Julio Rodriguez’s head in the first inning and then hitting a winker with his hips.

That’s when the turmoil began. Both teams threw numerous punches in a melee attack that began when Winker yelled at Nevin and then charged the Angels’ empty dugout.

Winker was still angry on Monday. When asked if the brawl didn’t look good in baseball, Winker replied, “Phil Nevin looks bad, so I think we could handle it differently.”

Winker said his anger was due to the Mariners’ young 21-year-old center fielder Rodriguez being the first target and Wants not being sent off immediately. He also secured the next Fraka with a chirp from the Angels dug out by Nevin, injuring third baseman Anthony Rendon.

Winker admitted that he would face a serious suspension.

“It could all have been stopped by a simple objection, and that’s a shame because people weren’t just talking,” Winker said. “The man in the cast and the manager are talking. That’s why this started. If they weren’t talking, nothing would happen.

“But they decided to open their mouths, and I didn’t like it. It’s so easy. There’s nothing else left to say about it. They stop me. Let’s they stop Crawford, and that’s MLB’s decision. It’s part of it. “

Seattle won the Torrance roster by calling catcher Andrew Knapp from Triple A Tacoma. Torrance was doing additional diagnostic imaging to get a complete picture of the shoulder injury, Surveys said.

The Mariners will place Torrens in Illinois after a fight with the Angels.Expected to stop

Source link The Mariners will place Torrens in Illinois after a fight with the Angels.Expected to stop

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