The majority of residents who are confident in CNL staff to safely build and operate NSDF projects, new research reveals Canadian Business Journal

Chalk River, Ontario, April 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Canada’s leading nuclear science and technology organization, found strong public confidence and awareness of CNL in recent polls. Announced that it is showing. Operations and activities, including a disposal facility (NSDF) project near the surface. The majority of respondents said they were confident that CNL could build and operate NSDF safely, and the findings reflect CNL’s commitment to public involvement and are related to the proposed project. Good news for CNL as we approach the final regulatory hearing.

The survey, conducted by Nanos Research to measure the attitude of the general public towards CNL, was commissioned by CNL and was randomly completed by telephone to more than 500 residents in Renfrew and Pontiac counties. Among the key findings, the majority of respondents are convinced that the NSDF regulatory process is being carried out by CNL staff. There is widespread awareness of CNL in the community. There is also growing awareness of the work being done at the Chalk River Laboratory, including site activation, the NSDF project, and the CNL Small Module Reactor (SMR) program.

Joe McBleati, CNL’s President and CEO, said: “In particular, we thank the public for their confidence in our efforts to safely build and operate the NSDF. It purifies the historic waste on the premises, better protects the local environment and better protects the area. A project that enables us to position the campus for the future. The NSDF team has worked very hard to maintain an open and honest dialogue with locals about the project. Its commitment is these. It is reflected in the result. “

The findings also provide CNL with insights into the effectiveness of ongoing public involvement programs and evolving public awareness since 2018, when CNL last conducted a similar attitude survey. In raising public awareness and self-confidence, the results show increased awareness of the Chalk River Institute, CNL’s activities to revitalize the campus, CNL’s NSDF project, and CNL’s SMR program. ..

However, the most interesting results relate to CNL’s NSDF project to establish an engineering disposal facility for low-level radioactive waste at the Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL) -owned Chalk River Laboratory. The proposed project is being considered by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and is subject to an ongoing federal assessment since 2017 under the Canadian Environmental Impact Assessment Act. As the CNL approaches final hearings and decisions from the CNSC, the findings show that the majority of locals follow the regulatory review process required by staff at the Chalk River Laboratories site to develop NSDF proposals. Shows that you are confident. In the ability to safely build and operate the facility.

“As for NSDF, I think the locals understand that CNL takes this project very seriously and that its employees are working to protect the environment, especially the Ottawa River,” said CNL’s Environmental Restoration. Zack Smith, the vice president in charge, commented. management. “CNL is also committed to providing members of the public and indigenous communities with the opportunity to fully participate in the evaluation of the proposed facility.”

The CNSC will consider CNL’s NSDF application at the final hearing beginning May 31, 2022. As part of this process, a public comment period has begun in which indigenous communities, the general public and other stakeholders can provide written feedback. To CNSC in NSDF project. At the hearing, stakeholders also have the opportunity to speak directly to the CNSC Commissioner.

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The majority of residents who are confident in CNL staff to safely build and operate NSDF projects, new research reveals Canadian Business Journal

Source link The majority of residents who are confident in CNL staff to safely build and operate NSDF projects, new research reveals Canadian Business Journal

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