The line between work and life is too blurry, says tech CEO

“Working four days a week is a hassle to prevent what really matters. [to] Greg Gunn, CEO of Commit, a network of professional software engineers in Vancouver, Canada, said:

“This is a great band-aid, but the best way to do this is for the employee to give himself more agency if he wants to allocate those hours a week. Is to really convey the importance of establishing and maintaining barriers. “

Getting employees to complete the same amount of work that was accomplished in five days and making it a shoehorn in four days is not the right way to make this major change.

“Most of the companies developing this new strategy require their employees to work at the same time, but in fewer days. This is the perfect recipe for burnout for me,” says Gunn. ..

“take a walk”

For such a change to be successful, “it starts at the top,” says Gunn.

“If you still have a CEO, COO, or C level that fuels the culture of burnout and brags about how many hours they’ve spent, you can’t really create a culture where people can do it safely. The most important thing is to take a walk. “

As an example, Cancer is the founder of a company with two young children and is not afraid to admit that he is awake all night and is not productive until late in the day.

“Unless the CEO and founder show and communicate their commitment to themselves, their balance and their agency over time, you won’t make your employees feel the same safely. “

Future-looking employer

The current 9: 5 model is “obsolete,” and employers who are late in noticing it and who strictly mandate when workers are expected to work will find it difficult to compete.

“Wise and positive leaders are aware that employment is the most important product they build and produce,” says Gunn. “Many people in fast-growing companies know that their growth depends on their ability to attract and retain the best talent, so naturally becoming remote-first is a big competitive advantage. It will be an advantage. “

Technology company Arida has been piloting four days a week since July, with employees off Friday.

Successful employers will be those who are not afraid to try different things before implementing a new regime, he says.

“I’ve already seen positive start-ups experimenting without regular meetings to minimize the constraint that someone is coming to another time zone. I’ve even seen experiments with “do not make visual calls, only voice calls”.

Don’t forget to visit your employees. “Check in with your employees to see how they behave with burnout.

“For me, that’s an easy step. We had a customer success manager during the vacation. My last message was:” Be sure to remove Slack and Gmail. ” We need to remember to put a firewall between jobs. This is essential and not convenient. The next generation of workers who can live and manage two things effectively will have a long and very productive career, “he says.

The line between work and life is too blurry, says tech CEO

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