The Letter: Unfair Restrictions on Single-family Homes

Prime Minister Eby has yet to tackle a vacant single-family residential suite, but it has created major legal and moral dilemmas for locations such as Broadmead in Saanich, Dean Park in North Saanich and British Property in West Vancouver. All three of these he districts include condo and single family rental restrictions on ownership.

Broadmead has 1,200 single-family homes and numerous condominium developments, as well as other off-limits areas. Perhaps the condos in these single family home developments are tiered. As such, condo owners in Broadmead and other aforementioned areas have more rights than individual homeowners as to how to get the most out of their property.

The irony at this point is that the thousands of intentionally built suites remain empty with no legislative changes announced at this time, which would be gained by removing the condo restrictions from their titles. That’s a lot more than the 3,000 suites statewide wanting. Some argue that it is unfair discrimination against homeowners, or an unfair burden placed on condominium owners in these areas. Some apes are more equal than other apes.

Doug Coulson


The Letter: Unfair Restrictions on Single-family Homes

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