The hurdle is like one five word

Screenshot of the hurdle. You lose a blank game board, a fifth puzzle with four answers, and a stats page.

(Old puzzles, no spoilers)
screenshot: hurdle

You guys know I’m a fan of the devilishly difficult Wordle variations Anti-wardle When squat.. However, you may want to play a variation of Wordle because you like Wordle and want to offer another serving. hurdle Mandatory with a slight twist.

In the hurdle, you need to solve 5 Wordle style puzzles. This is about the same number of words as Square, but you can attack each one individually with the same strategy you would use in regular Wordle. The idea is that each puzzle represents one of the five hurdles you have to clear to win each day.

This is “Infinite WVariation of “ordle” (Google “infinite W”There is “Audre” approximately Their infinite number) is that 5 puzzles are linked. The solution of the first puzzle is automatically entered as the first guess of the second puzzle. The second solution is the third starter, and so on.

This continues until the last hurdle, which is a difficult part. All four Of the previous solutions, it is entered as a guess, so you only have two chances to guess your solution. But the hurdle genius is that even if you lose the fifth game, you’re happy to solve the previous game.

I’m not sure if the fifth hurdle can always be solved, but I think it can. The previous words tend to give you a lot of clues, and you have two shots in the answer. I usually get it, but never at least once. (Unfortunately, there are no running streaks or bragging stats because the cookie doesn’t seem to remain in the browser.)

Apart from the pressure on that last difficult puzzle, I noticed that the format actually made the game a bit colder. Normal Wordle is easy, so try to solve it with three guesses and be disappointed with four. With the hurdles, I’m a little more adventurous and more likely to try two letters or less common words just to see what happens. After all, I have a total of 23 guesses to spend before completing. So if you want a new and easy-to-use new form of Wordle, try Hurdle.

The hurdle is like one five word

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