The Hardcore Platformer Games

The genre is one of the oldest on the PC. During the Cold War, when there was no Personal Computer and information was transferred to magnetic tape, the first Hardcore Platformer Games appeared. And even then, the gamers played voraciously, even if it was possible to play, most often, only somewhere at work, where the machine time was limited. Then, of course, computers became more widespread, new storage media appeared, then various set-top boxes. The Internet began to develop. But one thing remained unchanged – platformers were popular and remained.

The genre seems to be simple, even primitive. You may have heard the same thing about the best online slots Canada gambling clubs offer, but we all know that today even these games have hundreds of new features and bonus games. You jump on all sorts of “balconies”(the platforms), collect all objects, fight off opponents, and try to pass the level. Sometimes, in the process of passing, we also solve all puzzles. But it all drags on in earnest, much harder than more “serious” games. And now there are a lot of fans of such projects.

A distinctive feature of platform games is the platforms that allow characters to move around the game world. Platforms are a wide variety of supports, such as islands of land suspended in the air or floors of a house. As a rule, the hero of the platformer needs to make frequent jumps to overcome abysses, cliffs, moving from platform to platform.

In addition to overcoming obstacles, players must destroy enemies and collect items. Some of them can endow the character with various powers: the hero for some time, for example, jumps higher, moves faster, becomes invulnerable, and so on.

The Most Popular Games of the Genre

Platformers, like any other genre of video games, are undoubtedly popular among many gamers. As a result, new platformers are released every year and continue to win the hearts of millions of gamers. That is why it is worth considering the best and most hardcore games of the genre.

  1. Studio Playdead, which created Limbo, has been silent for six long years, but their new brainchild proves that the guys still know how to make the best platform games on the PC. The developers decided to go even further. They get rid of dialogues and text as such. So everyone can perceive the plot in their own way. It is worth noting only one thing – during the passage, you need to pay attention to every little thing, and then, perhaps, you will discover a secret ending. It gives answers to many questions.
  2. Yarni, the ball of thread that plays the protagonist, has lost his family. Unfortunately, he does not remember anything but firmly believes that these memories can be found and restored. The game will make you think. To interact with the outside world, you need to calculate the amount of yarn remaining. Critics often compared Unravel to Limbo due to the similarity of the graphics and storytelling. However, this did not stop the side-scroller from entering the top 10 platformers. The sequel, released a little later, developed the ideas of Unravel, offering players even more puzzles and adding to the game what was so lacking in the first part – the cooperative passage. Now two whole woolen men can unwind and unwind together, solving not particularly difficult puzzles. Both games are family-oriented projects where there is no place for complexity and speed. The gameplay is unhurried and meditative. The fun takes place in the background, which is as beautiful as other established platforming hits.
  3. Super Mario Bros. Here is the first game that had an enormous impact on the development of mass culture. Movies, festivals, cosplays, branded clothing, and items – gamers today take it for granted, but at the heart of Super Mario Bros. Classic platformer: the main character must rescue a princess kidnapped by a dragon. Of course, the antagonist is not going to give up without a fight, so Mario not only deftly performs acrobatic stunts but also constantly fights off crowds of enemies.
  4. The founder of the jump’n’run genre, a constantly evolving franchise, and his game universe, the main character of which has not changed for twenty years. The game rests on two pillars – a well-thought-out plot and dynamic gameplay. Rayman Legends, the latest installment in the series, has not only helped save the Wii platform but has also become one of the best pc platformers Ubisoft has ever released. Go ahead! It’s time to save the world!
  5. Crash Bandicoot. Most gamers of the 90s, for whom Crash Bandicoot became the first game in their life, did not pay much attention to the plot. And you can’t blame them for this because the gameplay is more than addicting, although all attacks present with one button. The main thing is to take a good position and perform a combo that deprives enemies of any chance of survival. By the way, there are many secret levels, access to which you can obtain golden keys, which, in turn, are a reward for flawlessly completing the levels. Now this brainchild of the 90s, despite all its cult status, does not look so hot. But relatively recently, they decided to fix this situation by releasing a collection of remakes of the first three parts of Crash. The gameplay remains classic, with all the secrets, challenging levels, and recognizable locations, but the graphics are prettier and heavier than the game client by a couple of tens of gigabytes.

These games have had the broadest influence on the development of the platforming genre in the gaming industry. They have become legendary. Hard levels, challenging bosses, challenging puzzles, and hidden secrets can all be found in these five.

Popularity of Platformers

Modern games have stratified into unpredictable bright indie projects with modest budgets and “adult” releases for large sums with dark themes and brutality. 3D platformers were the link between these two opposites. And now they rarely come out and do not always turn out to be successful. However, you need to understand why platformers should be released more often and be successful:

  1. Platformers are positive. It is 3D platformers that meet this requirement best. Even “Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time” with its sometimes unbearable jumps in difficulty and insanely confusing time trials, allows you to relax and take a breath. It’s one thing to get pissed off for a minute because you hit a perfect wound by falling into an abyss. It is quite another to drop into an existential crisis from the unjust fate of the hero of the following action or shooter.
  2. It’s nice to clean them 100%. One might argue that in some sandboxes there are also a lot of optional tasks. It is true, but, as for me, it is more enjoyable and more interesting to clear the levels in platformers: during this activity, you become even more imbued with respect for level and game design. You get a thrill from improving your jumps and reaction speed. While in modern action games, one hundred percent passing often comes down to the abuse of fast movement and monotonous deletion of checklist items – to exclusively mechanical, artificial actions.
  3. Platformers rarely get scandalous. In such games, there are simple, often completely harmless plots, a positive attitude, and general “neutrality” in a good way. Nothing can provoke unbearable scandal on gaming forums and social networks.

By no means am I campaigning for all games to be herbivores – that would be boring. Nevertheless, platformers effortlessly manage not to destroy the worldview of gamers and allow everyone to play calmly and not arrange a week-long debate. And this is good quality.

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