“The fix was in” Jeopardy! “,” LeVar Burton said.Hosting gig

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LeVar Burton is still under repair after being taken over by the full-time role of “Jeopardy!”. host.

Last year, Burton was one of the rotating guest hosts for “Jeopardy!”. In the aftermath of Alex Trebek’s death. The producer finally settled on a record “Jeopardy!”. Winner Ken Jennings and “Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik will be the hosts. Now, Burton claims that despite being a candidate, he never really participated in the mix.

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“The truth is that it was my favorite game show,” says Burton. Newsy“In The Loop” prior to Wednesday’s episode. “That was really true. I mean, I’ve been watching the show since I was in third grade and ArtFleming was the host. And I honestly thought I was suitable for it. After all, it was. It wasn’t really a competition. After all, the fix was done. “

Missing the role hit Burton.

“By experiencing a very public defeat, the humiliation was calm, if you did,” Burton says. “And what I learned from that experience is that, in fact, it strengthened my belief that everything happens because of the reason, even if you can’t identify the reason at that moment. And, as I said, I think it wasn’t just really disappointing that first week, it was like a wreck.

“I didn’t think I wouldn’t be the choice for their host. And the door was opened. Windows was opened. The phone didn’t stop ringing and hosted the Scrips Spelling Bee. And so on, I’ve never experienced what I’m experiencing, so that’s a big lesson for me and enough time to know what really happens to me around this game show, I think I’m happy to sit in the discomfort. “

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Despite the disappointing results, the host of “Reading Rainbow” is not lacking in confidence.

“Well, there are many, and I think I’m still mining some of the takeaways from that experience,” he says. “First and foremost, I firmly believe in betting on myself, and I would encourage everyone there to believe. Similarly on its own. I will always bet on me. “

“The fix was in” Jeopardy! “,” LeVar Burton said.Hosting gig

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