The first “Jeopardy!” Gen Z Super Champion Matthias Roach wins 19 games in a row

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“Jeopardy!” Champion Mattea Roach represents the all-star player of a new generation of quiz shows.

As of Friday, the 23-year-old Canadian had won 19 games, won $ 469,184 in prize money, and was named one of the Top 10 Contestants for both consecutive and regular season wins at Jeopardy! .. history.

Starting its fifth week on Monday, Roach is with outstanding veteran players, including Ken Jennings, who is currently hosting the show, and season champions Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio. ..

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“The fact that I’m one of the greatest players of all time hasn’t fully penetrated yet. At the first GenZer to be called the” Super Champion “at the show for achieving double-digit wins in a row. One Roach said. (Generation Z usually refers to the generation born between 1997 and 2012.)

A tutor aspiring to be a law school student, and perhaps herself, she is playing with refreshing self-confidence. Cockroaches are relaxed enough to casually think out loud about her approach, as they did last Wednesday when they ran into a significant double crisis.

“If I bet a lot and lost today, I managed to get a good run,” Roach meditated, succeeding in a $ 8,000 bet and joining the game from formidable challenger Ben Shear in Fremont, California. ..

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The category is anatomy, the clue is “to make fun of others gently”, and Roach’s slightly resentful reaction is “should have bet more. What is a” rib “? “

In addition to conservative betting, her play stands out with her extensive knowledge of “Jeopardy!” And buzzer commands. The champion has. Athletic ability does not contribute to the latter, Roach said, admitting that sports are not the preferred category.

Among her trademarks are a fascinating smile on the camera at the start of the game and a calming wave. She has tattoos with Talking Heads lyrics, and serious outfits, but with a personal flair. But in her recent interview, she combined a T-shirt with denim.

“There is no denim in’Jeopardy!’,” Roach kindly said. As for her on-camera wardrobe, it’s all the clothes she already owns and “I hate shopping,” she said.

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“I wanted to be comfortable, professional, and express my personality. I think I’ve achieved that,” she said.

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, who lives in Toronto, Roach acknowledges his love of learning from his mother, Patty McKinnon (auditor) and his father, Phil Roach (human resources development). Matea Roach began reading her books at the age of three, skipping her elementary school year, and enrolled at the University of Toronto at the age of 16.

After mom and dad helped pay for the first two years of college, Roach threw himself into the rest.

“I have three young siblings at home, and even if they (her parents) are both working, I only have that much money to go around,” she said. “I thought I could work, why don’t I work?”

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She majored in sexual diversity studies and earned minors in political science and women’s and gender studies. Her school’s debate program helped her calm down and tackle unfamiliar subjects. She probably helped with the training of “Jeopardy!”. — And maybe politics.

Roach said he had a vague interest in “government work” when he was young, and although he continued to be interested, he realized that it was not appropriate. Despite her media surge and online attention, “Jeopardy!” “I’m actually a very personal person and want to do a relatively normal job,” she said.

She was enrolled in law school when she was “Jeopardy!” She summoned her as a contestant. Her success and the success of Amodio (38 wins, $ 1.52 million) and Schneider (40 wins, $ 1.38 million) made the show’s 2021-22 season memorable.

Roach said in a broadcast that she would be able to pay off her student loan after her first victory. What is she going to do now that the total has increased?

“I’m very bored. I don’t want to clutter anything,” she said.

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Roach intends to invest a plunge for her future, some of which is directed towards realizing a crazy travel plan with a pandemic. Another possible indulgence happened to her.

“I hope I’m not afraid to buy concert tickets,” she said.

The first “Jeopardy!” Gen Z Super Champion Matthias Roach wins 19 games in a row

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