The finale of the “This Is Us” series ends with a bittersweet see-off

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Spoiler warning! If you haven’t seen Tuesday’s “This Is Us” Series Finale, don’t move on.

This is it. That’s all. “This Is Us” said goodbye to Pearsons (and us) at the finale of the emotional series — and tears were definitely flowing.

The final episode of NBC’s award-winning drama had the big challenge of celebrating Rebecca’s life, looking to the future, and closing the loop of the television family we all yearn for. The last hour, simply entitled “We,” was divided into two periods of Pearson’s life. A lazy weekend with Jack, Rebecca and the young Big Three and a memorial day for Rebecca.

There were no twists and turns this time, and it was a brief end to the family story, as the young Randall lovingly stared at his father, Jack, who had taken in the laughter and joy of his family on that indiscriminate lazy day. Rebecca reunited on the train and took a leap forward together. Many of these inspirational moments were filmed many years ago, ending the series forever.

“I always felt it was the end of the show. In all the twists and turns, death, home fire and home fire-causing equipment, the show actually lived only in the family.” , Author Dan Fogelman told a few reporters, including the ET of the last episode of the series. “I always felt that the show’s most daring and confident steps and endings were to finally pull out one last magical trick, then one emotional and sad ending and death. , The last episode can be a simple consideration of family and time. “

“And in a way, it’s the most challenging. The most ambitious and the most challenging are always simple and it’s the most rewarding. Many bells in the final episode. I don’t have a whistle or whistle, but I’m probably the most proud of the episodes I’ve ever had, “he said in part.

When Big Three praised her mother at her funeral (the event literally flew blurry, “written that way” by Vogelmann), they sat on the steps in front of the family hut and quietly reflected. Spent the moment. I have come to understand where Rebecca’s death and their own story are heading now.

Photo: Ron Batzdorff / NBC
— Photo: Ron Batzdorff / NBC

One of them asked what he was doing now because both Jack and Rebecca are no longer there. “We’re going to do what she wanted us to do. Kate confidently tells her brothers and her future efforts to open many schools for the visually impaired. I shared.

Kevin, meanwhile, acknowledged that he focused on nonprofits and accepted being with his family. “Go home more,” he promised. “I like my house. It took me a long time to get it.”

But Randall, I’m sorry Senator Randall (to a boy named William after his late father), whose political career was accelerating in the meantime and was about to become a grandpa, may have a bigger plan in mind. He shared with his brothers that if he chose to go that way, there might be a greater opportunity for him. (Of course, he needs to talk to Beth.) “DNC wants me to go to the Iowa State Fair, shake hands, eat junk food, fried Oreo, etc. And if you like If you’re the people who fry your food, maybe … “he drifted.

Kate, however, shared her greatest fear after her mother’s death and admitted that she was worried that all of them would fall apart without her because she was with her. But Randall assured her that it wouldn’t happen and repeated, “We’re not going to drift.” This time I believe in his promise.

“Secret: Someone asked me to close my eyes and take a picture of my family. It’s not Beth and the girl I see first. My first picture is mom, dad and you.” Randall revealed to Kevin and Kate. “Your two young and cute versions, but still.”



Then it was the last with “This Is Us”, but it’s certainly not the last as the trio’s life continues. Kevin, Kate, and Randall make their signature big three-chants-that was the only treasure trove of emotions.

Photo: Ron Batzdorff / NBC
Photo: Ron Batzdorff / NBC

Randall then looked back at the last few seconds before Rebecca died, remembering that she held his hand firmly and “just before”. “What was that?” He said aloud.

After that, the scene switched to Rebecca and reunited with Jack on the train. They had the last conversation. “I’m scared,” she confessed.

“I know, but it’s not,” Jack reassured her and told her everything her parents wanted to hear. you It was very good. “

Rebecca expressed regret about everything she still wanted to do with her children, but she had no time to do it.

“You will do. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll do everything with them,” he said.


“that’s right.”

Jack told her she was still “being there” for an important and seemingly insignificant moment to enjoy and endure over the years, as the family has done all this time. But Rebecca was the time to go even if she wasn’t ready.

“I don’t want to leave them behind,” she begged Jack as tears rolled down her face.

“You don’t. Jack said before they exchanged the last words in the series.” I love you. “

“I love you,” Rebecca smiled.

Finally satisfied, Rebecca clasped Jack’s hand. It was the moment she held Randall’s hand firmly before she passed by. They took a long rest together for a long time.

Photo: Ron Batzdorff / NBC
Photo: Ron Batzdorff / NBC

But that wasn’t the last shot in the series.

In the last few seconds of the series, the scene is that lazy when the family enjoys a carefree, unplanned day playing “Pin the Donkey’s Tail” at Pearson’s family home full of love and laughter. I’m back on Saturday. However, Jack did not participate in the festival. Instead, he sat down on the couch and lovingly looked at the happy family, incorporating trivial scenes. But someone else was watching him.

The camera panned out, and a young Randall staring at his father at a small but important moment in the history of the family appeared with a smile. After all, it was all about enjoying the little moments and the big moments equally.

“I think being part of a high-impact art is probably the most meaningful thing to me. Miro Ventimiglia told ET on Sunday about the impact of” This Is Us “on him. .. “We all understand the family. The family we were born in, the family we make, our own personal successes and failures, we support each other and try to understand each other. It has a lot of meaning, and most importantly, the impact of art on the human community, which is very different, but at the same time the same human experience we experience. Just different shades. is.”

Mandy Moore called the finale “poetic” and more uplifting than expected — and we need to agree with her. “It’s a little more hug. About the swan song, she talked about the swan song.” I hope it makes. [viewers] Good vibes. Hope it will be their own best version. I think that’s what our show has always been inspired by — a template for how to live your life to the fullest. “

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The finale of the “This Is Us” series ends with a bittersweet see-off

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