The easiest way to install a corner shelf in the shower

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You have refurbished your bathroom, but it was too late to realize that you didn’t consider enough storage space for the shower.Or inherited an existing shower that has only one reasonably A niche of a size that will never be big enough to store all the bottles you need.You might think you are destined for life with one of those clunky metals It’s a “caddy”, but what you really need is to put it on more shelves.And there are two very simple ones Does not require a lot of expertise or So much work.Here’s how to add a corner Shelves to existing showers.

Schulter SHELF-E

If you’ve ever studied bathroom refurbishment, you’ve probably come across Schulter, which manufactures shower-related waterproof systems and accessories. They also provide high quality stainless steel shelves for showers. Some of these shelves are designed to be installed during refurbishment (usually with hidden support behind the tiles, but SHELF-E series corner shelf Designed with tabs inserted into grout lines. This means you can easily retrofit your existing shower. Here’s what you need:

  • As many shelves as you need (various styles and shapes)
  • Grout saw (either manual or Multi-tool blade).
  • 100% silicone caulk (transparent or colored depending on shower design and taste)
  • Caulking gun

The project is very simple.

  1. Lift the shelf to the grout line and mark where the tabs will be placed.
  2. Use a grout saw to cut out the grout where the tab will be inserted. These are small cuts, so it’s easy to do this with a manual grout saw.
  3. Tape the tiles and fill the cut gaps with silicone caulk.
  4. Install the shelves in place. The tab holds it firmly.
  5. Fill the gap with caulk — both top and bottom. If the shelves are slightly slack, add support.
  6. Remove the smooth caulk and tape.

That’s it. Once the silicon is set up, you’re done. The shelves are ready to use.

Glue work

If you are reluctant to cut the grout line on the Schluter shelf, you can glue the corner shower shelf in place in about 30 minutes without compromising the integrity of the grout or tile.One caveat here no Buy “sticky” shelves intended to be attached to the wall as soon as they are out of the box. This is probably fine as a short-term solution, but it can eventually break the wall. Here’s what you need for a better job:

Installation is very easy.

  1. First, use a soap scum remover to clean the wall on which you plan to place the shelves. Do a good job here. Scum and other coatings on tiles can break bonds, drop shelves, stick toes, tears, and cause humiliation.
  2. On both sides of the back of the shelf, shorten both ends by about an inch and apply strips of mounting tape. For the time being, leave the outer lining as it is.
  3. Test fit the shelves. You want to make sure it sits level with the wall. If it’s not square, you can add and shim tape as needed. Use the level to mark where the shelves go.
  4. Add a thick line of caulk to the back edge of the shelf. Then remove the backing paper of the tape and use the marks you made earlier to press the shelf against the wall. The tape is grabbed and the caulk is extruded. Add support as needed and keep the shelf level until you set it up. Clean and smooth the caulk and wait for it to be set up.

Once the caulking is set up, you’re done. Only by extreme violence will the shelf be removed.

The easiest way to install a corner shelf in the shower

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