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The easiest way to entertain your baby

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Babies are undeniably adorable. On the one hand, they can be very boring and you are in charge of virtually all the entertainment. Luckily, the world is completely new to them, so the possibilities for “entertainment” are all around you. But you are exhausted and want to create maximum pleasure with minimum effort. Here’s how to keep your baby entertained with very little effort.


not hand over Baby puts a balloon in his mouth. However, if you have leftover helium balloons from the party (or are desperate enough to go out and buy some), you can loosely tie one or two helium balloons around your baby’s ankle. . As demonstrated in this videoEnjoy the joy of bouncing balloons up and down while your child kicks their feet. This fun game helps babies practice tracking objects and develop gross motor skills.

The game with non-helium balloons is “keep up” when they get a little bigger. This is exactly what it sounds like: use one or more balloons, but tell them they shouldn’t touch the ground. Or blow up a bunch of balloons, turn on the music and throw a little party for absolutely no reason.

put in, put out

“Pinching” is one of the most important points developmental milestones—But it’s hard to help develop this fine motor skill if you don’t want your baby to put everything in his mouth. Concentration may keep you entertained longer than your average plastic toy.

Encourage babies old enough to eat solids to try small, age-appropriate foods such as soft fruits or cheerios in bowls, Tupperware containers, muffin tins, or empty egg cartons. (and take them out. If you’re a good watcher, or don’t have particularly dumb kids, you can also do this pompom— you can also easily set this pom pom drop activity Use a tube of toilet paper and tape to rive it on for minutes.

For babies who don’t like pinching or who like surprises, fill an empty tissue box with scarves, small toys, blocks, etc. and let your baby take out one at a time. Then prompt to put the object back. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

go pick up the trash

My friends used to affectionately refer to their first born babies as “garbage babies”.

Step 1: Place your child in the box. Step 2: Give your child crayons, markers, stickers, etc. If your baby isn’t old enough to play art, put away yogurt containers, milk jugs, or other recyclables and place them in the tub or outside in the yard when the weather is nice. let you play with

mess up

Messy sensory play is annoying, sensory integration, and babies and toddlers love it. He’s one of the easiest ways to keep your baby entertained if you can keep the cleanup to a minimum.

Add some food coloring to yogurt and apply it to the highchair tray table. Dump them into diapers and let them paint themselves and the table.

If they aren’t going to eat it, let them play with allergy-safe shaving cream in an empty tub. Or invest in bath paint and crayons to wash out your tub and tiles.make mud pie On hot days, crawl through the sprinklers before bath time.

play fetch

We have a childless friend and recently while having dinner in the garden I noticed our friend casually throwing a ball for our crawler. they were playing fetch. We all had to eat without interruption. The friend only had to give one arm a quick break to congratulate the child for retrieving the ball and throwing it again, and the child was thrilled. After that we did an indoor round in the hallway. My child laughed so hard he vomited.

One of the best things about entertaining your baby is that you can entertain yourself.

The easiest way to entertain your baby

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