The current Raiders are writing their own story in 2022-23

The 2018-19 WHL Championship season will always be a great memory, but it’s long gone in the rearview mirror of the Prince Albert Raiders.

When the Raiders take to the ice at 7 p.m. at the Art Hauser Center for the regular-season opener that hosts rivals the Saskatoon Blaze, the regulars who will be chasing the 2018-19 WHL title are not in the lineup. It will be. This will be the first time the Raiders have started his season without a regular in that campaign.

Star 19-year-old defenseman Nolan Allan appeared in seven regular season games in 2018-19, and overage right fielder Evan Harman appeared in three regular season games that hockey year. Both skated as associate player call-ups.

The Raiders players on the team’s roster this season have truly written their own stories in the club’s history books. , adds the fact that he became the first head coach of the Bemer Pioneers Vorarlberg in Feldkirch, Austria, and it really feels like a new era.

The Raiders now have some important continuity from the 2018-19 season that the club can rely on as the 2022-23 campaign progresses. Curtis Hunt is still the general manager of the team.

Jeff Truitt was an assistant coach in 2018-19 and was promoted to head coach when Habscheid left for Austria. Mark O’Donokon is still his coach at Skills, and Duane “Puff” Bartley has been his therapist at Athletic since the start of his 2001-02 campaign.

The 2021-22 season has been a reload, reset or transition type campaign for the Raiders. They advanced to the playoffs with his 28-35-4-1 record, which saw him finish eighth in the Eastern Conference. In the best-of-seven first round series, the Raiders lost him 4–1 to the mighty Winnipeg Ice. The Winnipeg Ice are expected to be one of the WHL’s top clubs this season as well.

As the Raiders move through the 2021-22 campaign, they’re trying to find out who will be ‘the guy’ or clutch player. It will be

The Raiders have some returning clutch players last season, especially Alan and Herman. Allan, who trains with the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks in his camp, was a regular last season. Harman was a regular in the Raiders 68 and had a breakout his campaign leading the Raiders with 28 goals and 19 assists in every game of his season.

Alan’s defensive partner and rearguard Landon Kosior is back for his 20-year-old season. Last season, Kosior surpassed the Raiders in scoring defensively, with 18 goals and 27 assists that gave him 45 points and a minus-4 rating. Like Herman, Kosior was a Raiders 68 regular and skated in every game of his season.

Right winger Sloan Stannic arrived early last season in a trade for Regina Patz. In his 66 regular season his games played at both clubs, Stanick has scored 22 goals, 27 assists and a plus-two rating.

Last season’s rookie starter for the Raiders was Tikhon Chaika, an 18-year-old import netminder from Belarus. He finished with his 22-21-4, a solid 2.79 goals average, a .904 save percentage and three shutouts.

After that group of five, Raiders followers will wait to see who makes the big break and becomes the prime time player in 2022-23. 18-year-old right winger Carson Latimer is big Will he be able to top his season or will he be 18-year-old right winger Jessiah his Bennett Brandon his Wheat his offseason with the Kings? Will the breakout hit his season in the trade?

On defense, will returners like 19-year-old Tayem Gislason and 17-year-old Terrell Goldsmith be towers of strength?

Competition in the Eastern Conference will be tough, but the Raiders have the pieces to join the mix when the postseason arrives. Always optimistic at the start of a campaign.

As with the nature of major junior hockey, only time will tell how special this season will be.

With the WHL season kicking off, the 2022-23 campaign is still far from the norm for Belarusian and Russian players returning to teams across the CHL’s three circuits, including the WHL.

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Belarus’ support for the Russian cause, most of the CHL’s Belarusian and Russian players have opted not to return home in the offseason. In many cases, these veteran players are left with families stranded in their home countries without knowing when they will be able to return home due to instability in parts of the world.

For the Raiders, both imports of 19-year-old center Vladislav Shiro and Chaika were from Belarus and remained in Canada. Chaika helped coach his stopper young pack at his NorSask Hockey Development Camp session in August.

At Saskatoon, Blades’ 18-year-old left winger Egor Sidorov, also Belarusian, chose to remain at ‘Bridge City’. Sidorov is one of the Blaze’s most popular players among the team’s fan base.

The Raiders and Blaze are working with the Canadian government to allow Belarusian players to stay in Canada. All three players have great billet families that are now part of their lives.

There are times during the season when every player struggles. If the CHL’s Belarusian and Russian veterans find themselves struggling, we encourage them to pay attention to the living conditions they are coping with on the ice and try to stay as supportive as possible.

They have no control over what will happen to their lives as a result of the war caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


The current Raiders are writing their own story in 2022-23

Source link The current Raiders are writing their own story in 2022-23

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