The Craziest Projects on Crowdfunding Platforms in 2021

Getting your project funded is not as difficult as it was before. Thanks to platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, you can create a prototype and then ask people to fund your project—at no risk of giving them shares.

Today, let us take a look at some of the craziest projects on crowdfunding platforms that captured the hearts and minds of supporters and consumers.

Exploding Kittens

This is a game that works like Russian Roulette. As a card game, the buyer would get a box of cards where they have to take turns drawing cards from the pile. The person who draws an exploding kitten card loses the game. The game was created by several people who have gaming backgrounds from Xbox and Marvel.

What makes it exciting is that you can prevent the explosion after drawing an exploding kitten card if you have a diffuse card. So, essentially, it is a game of strategy where you keep your cards from your opponent—if you play it right, you win.

The Micro 3D Printer

3D printing is not for the average user. It was made for corporations to help them develop products easier. However, a group of people had the crazy idea to make it a typical consumer item. This product is called the Micro 3D printer.

The proposition is to build the most affordable 3D printer that any person can use out of the box—pretty much like a paper printer that you simply plug and play. They made it even better by providing downloadable models that enthusiasts can print.

The Rocket eBike

Those who do not want to use fossil-fueled motorcycles have the option to buy electric bikes. Although there are many variants of this product in the world, one group had the crazy idea of expanding the capabilities of the eBike.

The Rocket eBike pushes the limits of an electric bike. This one can travel up to 100 miles, something that we typically only see in electric hybrid cars. What makes it crazy is that it is an all-terrain bike that has regenerative braking. Plus, it has a folding frame.

What really makes it unique is that electric bikes are typically designed for urban use. Not this one, though, as you can use it to ride mountain trails. It even has enough power to get you going on the beach.

The Lomi

Waste management has always been a problem. Now, there is a company that has raised over $7 million in pledges to make the idea of waste management happen.The product is a waste management machine where you could dispose of your food, and it will turn the food waste into compost.

Then, you can use that compost as fertilizer for your garden. Simply drop the product inside the machine and press a button. From there, let the machine work its magic and turn your food waste into powdered compost.

It uses the power of oxygen, heat and abrasion. What makes this product revolutionary and crazy at the same time is that the machine is small. It is revolutionary in the sense that the machine encourages people to recycle their waste. If they do not have a big garden, they can simply put the compost on the soil.

Globally, one-third of the food produced in the world goes to waste. With a product like this, people will be more inclined to give something back to the environment and make the soil healthier.

Mighty No. 9

While this is not exactly a gambling game that you would typically find on sites like IceCasino, it is still a video game nonetheless. It is a Japanese game that is similar to Super Mario in the sense that it is a platformer game.Here, the player would take on the mantle of a character named Beck. If you think about it, it is something like a rendition of Megaman. After all, the creator of both games is the same person.

The beauty of this game is that it was not experimental. Rather, it was made by people who created games all their lives. After they hit the target, the platform game was made available to PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, PS4 and even Xbox One.

This project is crazy because it would seem like a rip-off. However, fans were clamouring for Megaman because Capcom decided to retire it. Petitions were made and Capcom did not budge.The project got a whopping $3 million out of the $900,000 that was required. The creator gathered veteran programmers of Megaman to work on it. They unveiled the game at Penny Arcade Expo, and it immediately hit internet-based distributors.

Crowdfunding changed how entrepreneurs get funds for their projects. Gone are the days when you have to let go of your project because you do not have money to invest. All you have to do now is to explain your idea and register your project on a crowdfunding platform.

With people around the world helping each other, we can only expect that more and more budding and professional entrepreneurs would share their crazy ideas with the world—whether the idea is just merely to entertain or to change our lives, it doesn’t matter.

For as long as we see the fruit of a creative person’s labour, then we know that we have done something to advance humanity forward.

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