The coroner’s office plans to hold two hearings after the mass stabbing investigation is completed.

The Saskatchewan Coroner’s Office has said it will hold two hearings in connection with the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon mass stabbings.

A six-person jury will hear evidence about the deaths of 11 people, including Damian Sanderson, in the September 4 mass stabbing in James Smith and Weldon. After being arrested on September 7.

Chief coroner Clive Weihill said the location of the inquest has not yet been determined, but Prince Albert, Melfort and James Smith Cree Nation are all under consideration.

“The idea of ​​an inquest is to stay close to those affected,” Weihill told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday. will be taken down.”

An inquest is not conducted to determine guilt or innocence, but to establish the events leading up to death, as well as the manner and medical cause of death.

Weighill said the six jurors will be made entirely of Indigenous peoples. This is something the state has done before, most recently he did at an inquest in Blacklake three years ago.

“This is what happened with Indigenous people,” Weihill said when asked why he needed a fully Indigenous jury. “It impacted the entire First Nations community. I believe in making that First Nations First Nations people feel comfortable with those who are going to hear the results.”

The coroner’s office is still awaiting many reports, including toxicology, pathology and autopsy results, which will not be available for at least three to four months. Weighill said he hopes to have an inquest in late spring or early summer 2023, but will push that timeline forward if possible.

“What we don’t want is to give some preliminary information and an inquest witness to give another.” It is wise to have it collected and submitted to an inquest.

“We are going to do the job as soon as possible. We have probably put forward the longest timeframe. If we can get it in a shorter timeframe, we will.”

Weihill acknowledged that members of the public were still very interested in the case and hoped the investigation would be completed as soon as possible. He said physical evidence showed no signs of blunt force trauma, but declined to give other details.

“It’s very preliminary, but it’s the best I can offer at the moment,” he said.

Weihill also declined to say whether the coroner’s office considers Damian Sanderson to be the brother’s accomplice or the victim.

When asked if the coroner thought Damian was innocent, he said.

Preliminary findings of the investigation will be provided to the victim’s family before the inquest begins.

Weighill said the investigation is very complicated because there are so many victims and so many families involved. On Wednesday, he asked the public for patience.

“It’s certainly a large and complex investigation, and it takes hours to put the pieces together. Of course, the record and documentation that follows is enormous,” he said. I think you’ve seen the coroner go to the scene and it’s supposed to be able to look at the scene and come to conclusions so it can all be done very quickly but there’s a lot of work to do. it won’t.”


The coroner’s office plans to hold two hearings after the mass stabbing investigation is completed.

Source link The coroner’s office plans to hold two hearings after the mass stabbing investigation is completed.

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