The company fined nearly $ 1 million after staff cheated on a training test

“Since then, we have taken several corrective actions, including retraining, additional ethical training, fines, written warnings, and dismissals as needed.”

As part of the settlement agreement, PwC will be required to pay $ 200,000 to the Canadian Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (CPAB) and $ 750,000 to the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).

“We are confident that there will be no impact or compromise on the quality of the audit, as evidenced by current test results, but we expect more from everyone in the company. PwC Canada provides the highest quality work. All of us must consistently fulfill our values ​​and objectives in order to be recognized as having the best talent in our professional services, “says Marcoux.

In June 2021, PwC announced that it would invest US $ 12 billion over five years to create more than 100,000 net new jobs.

Shared drive

According to CPAB, at least from 2016 to early 2020, 1,200 PwC workers will provide and receive answers to mandatory internal training course tests for learning subjects such as auditing, accounting, and professional independence. I shared the answer by doing.

Specifically, workers provide at least 46 of the organization’s approximately 55 mandatory warranty tests and some mandatory company-wide test responses, including content on professional integrity and professional independence. You have access to the shared drive that contains it.

PwC violated rules and quality control standards related to integrity and personnel control. CPAB states: Their accounting certificate. “

According to one survey, few companies offer training to combat cyber risk.

During that time, PwC had specific management policies and procedures to address integrity and HR management, but “all of these policies and procedures act in good faith when company personnel take internal training tests. It wasn’t designed to provide a reasonable guarantee that it would, “says CPAB. ..

The company also adopted monitoring procedures related to internal training, but was limited to tracking the completion of courses and related tests to detect other compliance issues such as answer sharing. Was not designed for.

The company fined nearly $ 1 million after staff cheated on a training test

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