The Clown, The Walking Dead, Avatar: The Most Anticipated TV Coming Later This Year

It’s already been a year full of movie and TV releases, but there’s still a lot more to come. Through the fall and winter, streamers and traditional broadcast networks will be embroiled in a race for original content. You’re looking to grab attention and grow your audience in an already overcrowded industry.

Good news? There are plenty of new shows for media-hungry TV fans. Here, CBC News has rounded up some of the hottest and lesser-known shows coming out later this year.

crown – November


Elizabeth Debicki plays Princess Diana in the fifth season of Netflix’s The Crown. (netflix)

Following four highly successful seasons, Netflix’s crown —a biopic that follows the coronation of Queen Elizabeth of England to more and more contemporary events—will be released in November.

After two seasons with Olivia Colman playing the Queen, British actor Imelda Staunton is set to debut an older, but less dignified, Elizabeth in Season 5.

The series was still filming its upcoming sixth season on the day of the Queen’s death earlier this month. Pause both on that day and at her funeral on September 19th.

At the time, writer Peter Morgan described the latest season as “a love letter to her.”

the walking dead — October 2nd


Norman Reedus will appear as Daryl Dixon in Season 11 of The Walking Dead. The final episode of the long-running series is set to air later this year. (Jace Downes/AMC)

After an incredible 12-year run, the walking deadThe main story will be completed next month. His remaining eight episodes of the Zombie Apocalypse show will air starting Oct. 2. Canadian viewers can stream on AMC+ or participating cable providers.

Enter Galactic – September 30


Scott Mescudi as Jabari and Timothée Chalamet (left) as Jimmy in Enter Galactic. (netflix)

This Kid Cudi “TV special” ties in with the musician’s latest album and boasts co-stars Timothée Chalamet, Macaulay Culkin, Jaden Smith, Vanessa Hudgens, and Cuddy himself, all of whom are smash hits. It uses the first popular and increasingly popular pop art style. to the spiderverse.

The series, which debuts alongside his tenth studio album of the same name, follows Cuddy as up-and-coming artist Jabari, who is “trying to balance love and success.”

in promotional tweets Enter GalacticCudi (real name Scott Mescudi) described it as “a truly f–king special” and “heart-melting”.

Sorting — November 15th


Bilal Beig appears in a scene of Thought of. A second season will premiere later this year. (CBC)

The sleeper hit by Canadian star and author Bilal Baig is back. Sorting The new season of free bagA character drama in mid-November. The series follows Sabi Mehboob, a gender-fluid millennial who tries to get his life back on track while dealing with what his family and group of friends are falling into themselves.

The second season of the series will feature new stars such as: children in the hallwith Scott Thompson of Handmaid’s Taleof Amanda Bruegel.

Tulsa King — November 13th


Tulsa King Creators Taylor Sheridan and Terrence Winter have acquired the scripted television debut of silver screen legend Sylvester Stallone.

Stallone appears as Dwight (General) Manfredi on his way to Tulsa after serving 25 years in an Oklahoma prison.

Alaska Daily — October 6

ABC (broadcast on CTV in Canada)

Filmed primarily in British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, this Hilary Swank story has a slightly unexpected title Alaska Daily. It follows Swank as a disgraced journalist who follows a trail of crime and murder in a northern state.

While this isn’t Swank’s first televised project, it’s been more than 20 years since his 1998 appearance. Beverly Hills, 90210.

Shantaram — Oct. 14

Apple TV+

Actor Charlie Hunnam will appear in ‘Shantaram’. The 12-episode series will premiere on his Apple TV+ on October 14, 2022. (Apple TV+)

Apple TV, like all production companies deep in the streamer wars, continues to invest in original programming.Our latest offering is Shantaraman adaptation of the novel of the same name by Gregory David Roberts, following Lynn Ford, an Australian fugitive living in Bombay, India.

Starring Charlie Hunnam as Ford, it will release three episodes on October 14th, followed by every Friday thereafter, with a 12-episode run until it runs out on December 16th.

Avatar – to be decided


The cast of Netflix’s upcoming avatar adaptations appear in this promotional image. This series is the latest remake of the beloved Nickelodeon cartoon. (Noah Athenias/Netflix)

Adapted from the beloved cartoon of the same name, Avatar: The Last Airbender A second live-action remake is due, following director M. Night Shyamalan’s ill-fated 2010 attempt.

The anime-influenced original series followed a 12-year-old Aang who spent 100 years frozen in ice before emerging as the final ‘Airbender’. He is one of four telekinetic groups who control another fundamental element and is tasked with saving the world. .

The series includes BC’s Gordon Cormier (as Aang) and Chiawentio (Tracey Deer’s beans) starring as fellow lead, Katara Kim’s circumstances Patriarch Paul Sunghyun Lee played the adorable Uncle Iroh.

No release date, except for an optimistic “coming soon” from Netflix. And the series itself isn’t without controversy: the original creators cut ties with the adaptation in 2020 Due to creative differences.

put in the correct — October 9

show time

Here is another story that has been adapted, re-adapted, and adapted. put in the correct After beginning its life as a Swedish novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist, it found a second life as a haunting film also written by Lindqvist.

That led to another adaptation called let infeaturing then-up-and-coming child stars Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Grace Moretz.

As a harrowing tale about a child vampire befriending an exiled and bullied boy, the story proved particularly difficult to adapt – a morbid twist that was largely omitted from both film adaptations. series” recently released trailer It hints at gore as much as the novel, with a particular focus on horror and potential deviations from the original.

1899 – to be decided


Andreas Pietschmann appears in stills from 1899. The Netflix series returns the creators of the thriller series Dark to the small screen. (TIFF)

From the creators of the Twisted Time Travel series dark Here comes another otherworldly series: Netflix 1899. It follows the passengers of an immigrant steamer who, in the same year, encounter the long-lost ship Prometheus, drifting abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean.

The first two episodes, centered around a mystery presented by a passenger who discovers an orphaned child on board, premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and received mostly positive reviews. It is scheduled to debut later this year.

English – Nov. 11

amazon prime

Emily Blunt appears in this still from The English. The Amazon Prime Video series follows a woman seeking justice for her son’s death in the 1890s. (Diego Lopez Calvin/Prime Video)

Early work in Emily Blunt’s new western series violentto bidto “Bonkers,” and continues the trend of big-screen actors moving to television for bold new projects — perhaps one that promises a larger audience than the increasingly threatening world of cinema.

Blunt has TV experience and has appeared in the ABC miniseries. empire It dates back to 2005. English It looks completely different. here, edge of tomorrow The star plays Cornelia Locke, an 1890s Englishwoman seeking revenge for the death of her son.

and interviews with peopleBrandt called the Prime Video/BBC co-production an “epic chasing thriller” combined with “a love story that runs through it and reigns supreme”.

The Clown, The Walking Dead, Avatar: The Most Anticipated TV Coming Later This Year

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