The BTS label is asking the military to help protect the group from “malicious” online posts.

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BTS label Big Hit Music is seeking help from fans to protect the group from “malicious posts” online.

according to BillboardThe label has released a memo about the social networking platform Weverse, gathering information through the BTS Army, and recently filed an “additional criminal accusation for posts with personal attacks and defamation” to BTS. ..

Big Hit alleged that someone uploaded a post containing “insults” [BTS]We use dozens of different IP addresses at DC Inside, an internet forum in South Korea.

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“We monitor these types of malicious posts and file criminal charges against the posters for all posts, including malicious comments,” Label shared.

After finding other “very malicious and delusional content,” he states that he has begun proceedings against the poster in question. Of the content of the complaint to ensure proper investigation.

“We regularly file proceedings against perpetrators of malicious activities related to BTS, such as defamation, personal attacks, sexual harassment, unfounded dissemination of information, and unintended criticism,” the company continued. I did.

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“The defendant in the ongoing investigation recently tried to resolve the case, but there is no resolution or generosity … Our policy of no reconciliation or generosity remains valid,” said Big Hit. Encourage them to use the hotline to report.

Billboard In South Korea, defamation is a criminal liability, and disseminating “openly false facts” could result in imprisonment of up to seven years.

Even if a person makes a true statement with “intention to defamation” rather than “in the public interest,” he or she may be sentenced to up to three years in prison or a fine.

K-POP stars Sulli and Cho Jang-mi reportedly committed suicide in recent years after being abused online.

BTS recently announced that it will pause to focus on the solo project. However, their representative has since clarified in a statement. “They aren’t dormant, but at this point it takes time to explore some solo projects and continues to work in a variety of different formats.”

The BTS label is asking the military to help protect the group from “malicious” online posts.

Source link The BTS label is asking the military to help protect the group from “malicious” online posts.

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