The Benefits That You Miss Out If You Hand Wash your Car

Many car owners want to save money for the car wash and therefore prefer to use sponges and cleaning cloths to wash their car themselves. They also know that everything has been thoroughly cleaned and that no spot remains dirty. But if you want to wash your car by hand, you need to allow enough time in addition to the necessary tools, because an optimal and sustainable hand wash requires a system and precision. Otherwise, you will have twice the work or your vehicle will be dirty again a few days later.

In this article, we explain why professional car cleaning is the best treatment for cars. We will also try to help you with the right process to do it yourself. However, washing the car by hand is only permitted under certain conditions and can quickly become an expense if you don’t know the facts.

The Benefits That You Miss Out If You Hand Wash your Car

Wash the car by hand with the right tools

A certain amount of equipment is required for handwashing for car care because the car cannot be cleaned thoroughly and effectively with just a bucket of water and a sponge. It is ideal if two buckets are ready: one for clean water and one for rinsing the sponge, cloth, or wash mitt. If only one bucket is used, there is a risk that dirt particles in the cloth will scratch the paintwork and windscreen. Here’s the guide that will help you how to protect your car paint for a longer period.

Tip number 1: Use light-colored buckets, then the level of dirt in the water is easier to see.

First inside, then outside – The correct process of hand washing

Hand washing begins with removing all items that do not belong in the car. Old notes, empty coffee mugs, and newspapers should be cleared away so that thorough car care is possible. It is advisable to also clear out the floor mats and knock or clean them outside.You wipe the interior surfaces such as the dashboard, steering wheel, or centre console either with a duster or with a damp cloth. Before the upholstery and the floor are vacuumed during the car interior cleaning, the window cleaning is on the agenda. A simple window cleaner and paper towels are sufficient for this.

Tip number 2: Streak-free windows can be achieved with newspaper on the one hand, and on the other hand the sun should not shine on the windows when cleaning.

Do you have a leather interior? Special care products are required for optimal hand washing so that the leather does not become brittle and the risk of tear disappears. If the interior has been thoroughly cleaned during car care, the bodywork is freed from dirt. Depending on how strong they are, a pre-wash may be necessary, the coarsest dirt is simply wiped off with a sponge and water.

Tip number 3: Car wax keeps the dirt off the car for longer. Learn about ceramic coating for cars and its benefits that give to your car.

Prefer professional car washing instead of unauthorized hand washing

Professional car washes clean the car thoroughly and quickly. Thanks to large brushes and special cleaning agents, the car is clean before you have filled the buckets with water when washing by hand. Also, they provide proper polishing while washing your car. Read on to know the importance of proper car polishing. For many car owners, this is the decisive factor that convinces them of professional cleaning when it comes to car care. Various cleaning agents and water also cost the consumer money.

When driving through the car wash, around 600 litres of water are used, which corresponds to twenty times the consumption of a hand wash. On the other hand, there is less risk of damage to the paintwork when washing by hand. In addition, only the exterior is clean due to the car wash, the interior is to be cleaned by hand.

The Benefits That You Miss Out If You Hand Wash your Car

A good alternative is the self-service car wash. In a self-service car wash box, professional cleaning agents and utensils are available for you to wash your car thoroughly by hand. This makes it easy to wash the car yourself in a designated area. Under this condition, the dirty water can also be disposed of properly.

To conclude

Washing a car is a big task if you are among the ones who like to keep their drive clean and charming. Besides being clean and charming, hygiene is another big thing that motivates people to wash their cars. Hence, getting it done by a professional saves you many woes and keeps your drive healthy and safe.

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