The Beatles documentary “Get Back” proves Yoko Ono, fans say — and Yoko agrees

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Yoko Ono didn’t disband the Beatles, so after seeing a new documentary about the legendary band, some Beatles fans say.

Directed by Peter Jackson and aired on Disney +, the three-part documentary series “Get Back” continues when John, Paul, George and Ringo make their final album in the 1970s. let it be..

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Many fans watching the documentary prove that the footage shown in the series was a benign presence rather than a corrosive effect that Yoko Ono interfered with the Beatles. I felt that I was there.

According to the document, Ono definitely existed during the production of the album, but he didn’t mind the fact that music history was made in front of her, reading newspapers and checking emails. It also shows that he liked it. Knit, roll joints, or eat.

Importantly, Ono himself tweeted an article summarizing fan comments on the social media that supports her.

In one particularly revelatory clip from the documentary series, Paul McCartney makes an almost eerie prediction of how Ono will look in hindsight. “It will be incredibly comical in 50 years … they broke up because Yoko was sitting on the amp,” McCartney predicted. The music icon has always said that neither Ono nor himself was the reason the band broke up. “I didn’t instigate the division. That was our Johnny,” McCartney said. Parents During October. “I’m not the one who caused the division. No no no John went into the room one day and said,” I’m leaving the Beatles. ” Is it causing division? “

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Director Peter Jackson agrees that Ono should not be blamed for the band’s dissolution. “In a way, Yoko is fine … from the perspective of George, Paul and Ringo, it’s a bit weird,” Jackson said. 60 minutes this week. “But Yoko’s thing they have to say is that she doesn’t push herself. She writes letters, reads letters, sews, draws, Sometimes I put the artwork aside. She never has an opinion on what they are doing. She never says, “Oh, I think the previous take was better than that.” Hmm. She is a very benign being and does not disturb her at all. “

The Beatles documentary “Get Back” proves Yoko Ono, fans say — and Yoko agrees

Source link The Beatles documentary “Get Back” proves Yoko Ono, fans say — and Yoko agrees

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