TELUS leverages the power of 5G to bring up to 100Mbps internet speeds to Canadians in the countryside of British Columbia and Alberta. TheCanadianBusinessJournal

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TELUS with Smart Hub Technology Award-winning 5G networks will bring Canada’s fastest fixed wireless internet speeds to nearly 60 rural areas in British Columbia and Alberta by the end of the year. Residents of these communities will be the first in the country to access home internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps via TELUS’s 5G network. This is up to four times the speed currently available over 4G networks. These faster 5G internet speeds allow customers to stream their favorite programs, play games, surf the web, make video calls, and work and learn remotely at the same time. TELUS Smart Hub provides faster home internet speeds using a fixed wireless connection powered by 5G networks. This provides an innovative alternative for customers living in remote communities and regions where traditional broadband connections are difficult to service. Residents of Rudak, Alberta and Terrace, British Columbia now have access to these ultra-fast speeds. This will extend to communities in both states within the next few months.

“No matter where you live, you need to have access to fast, reliable, secure wireless and internet services. Canadian companies are taking advantage of the speed and reliability of 5G networks in rural homes. This is the first time we have provided Internet speeds of up to 100 MBPS to TELUS, said Zainul Mawji, Executive Vice President and President of Home Solutions and Customer Excellence at TELUS. .. “This is an innovation that eliminates the digital divide and ensures that people in remote communities have the same online access as people living in urban areas. These ongoing investments in world-leading networks. More rural Canadians are connected to key online services such as healthcare, education, online and connected smart home security, improving social and economic outcomes. “

TELUS has many years of experience investing in critical infrastructure and world-leading network technologies across Canada.

  • As part of a $ 54 billion investment in infrastructure and operations across Canada by 2024, TELUS’s 5G network now accounts for 70% of Canada’s population. We proudly connect our 744 urban and local community customers to 5G networks.
  • Since 2013, TELUS has invested more than $ 5 billion to connect some 137 communities and 56 indigenous peoples in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec to the Gigabit PureFibre network.

TELUS has also received multiple acclaim for its world-leading networks.Recently, TELUS Fastest mobile network UK-based for 8 consecutive years Opensignal1..In addition, TELUS’s wireless network won the North American title. Fastest mobile network And nine times in a row we were named Canada’s fastest mobile network From Seattle-based Ookla®2.. In 2021 alone, TELUS is recognized by other industry-leading independent professionals such as Victoria-based Telus and New York-based JD Power, and builds on its outstanding track record of network excellence. .. In particular, these awards are based on TELUS’s national network, which includes both urban and rural coverage.

For more information on TELUS Smart Hub, please visit:

TELUS (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is a dynamic and world-leading communications technology company with annual revenues of $ 17 billion and 1,700 spanning wireless, data, IP, voice, television, entertainment, video and security. There are 10,000 customer connections. Our social objective is to leverage world-leading technology and compassion to drive social change and achieve amazing human outcomes. Our long-standing commitment to putting our customers first inspires every aspect of our business and makes us a clear leader in excellent customer service and loyalty. TELUS’s long-standing praise from independent, industry-leading network insights demonstrates the strength and speed of TELUS’s global-leading network and excels at connecting us and people to Canadians. Strengthens our commitment to provide access to technology. , Resources and information to make our lives better.

TELUS Health is Canada’s leader in digital health technology, improving access to health and wellness services and revolutionizing the flow of health information across a range of care. TELUS Agriculture provides innovative digital solutions throughout the agricultural value chain to support better food outcomes through agribusiness data insights and process improvements. TELUS International (TSX and NYSE: TIXT) is a leading digital company that designs, builds and delivers next-generation solutions such as AI and content management for global and disruptive brands across high-growth industrial sectors, including technology and gaming. Customer experience innovator. , Communication and Media, E-Commerce and FinTech, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality. TELUS and TELUS International operate in more than 25 countries around the world.

Driven by our determination and vision to connect all our citizens for good, our deeply meaningful and lasting philosophy of providing a place for us has been over $ 900 million since 2000. Inspired TELUS, our team members and retirees to contribute to more than 1.8 million days of service. Generosity and unrivaled volunteer work have made TELUS the most donating company in the world. Let’s make the future friendly together.

For more information on TELUS, please visit the following website: telus.comTo follow @TELUSNews With Twitter @Darren_Entwistle On Instagram.

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Chelsea Radizer
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1 Opensignal Awards – Canada: Mobile Network Experience Report February 2022, based on an independent analysis of mobile measurements recorded between October 1st and December 29th, 2021 © 2022 Opensignal Limited.
2 Based on Ookla®’s analysis of Speedtest Intelligence® data from the third quarter to the fourth quarter of 2021. A trademark of Ookla used under license and reprinted with permission.

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TELUS leverages the power of 5G to bring up to 100Mbps internet speeds to Canadians in the countryside of British Columbia and Alberta. TheCanadianBusinessJournal

Source link TELUS leverages the power of 5G to bring up to 100Mbps internet speeds to Canadians in the countryside of British Columbia and Alberta. TheCanadianBusinessJournal

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