TECHNATION brings a positive roadmap to Canadian business journal Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario, March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Together with cutting-edge technology leaders across Canada, TECHNATION, Canada’s National Technology Industry Association, is working this week to advance its roadmap for the future of the industry. We hold an annual Hillday. Federal government. In October 2021, TECHNATION published a roadmap for sustainable growth in Canada’s technology sector. It includes clear recommendations for key government officials such as technology adoption, skills and talent development, public sector digital transformation, and cybersecurity.

Throughout the week, TECHNATION meets with ministers, parliamentarians, and top executives in the department, focusing on three key areas:

  • Forming Canada’s Digital and Data-Driven Economy: It’s time for the federal government to aggressively target the growth of Canada’s digital and data-driven economy through a clear and integrated national strategy. This means developing a consistent approach that combines Canada’s digital transformation agenda and economic development agenda. This is underpinned by Canada’s innovative technology business, which is creating current and future jobs.
  • Equipping and Building Capabilities for Our Digital Nation: Digital technology has become an integral part of our lifestyle, but adoption also poses a threat. Whether you are a government, a company or an individual, the need for cybersecurity measures is absolutely necessary. The federal government will focus on strengthening cybersecurity in key sectors of the economy, urgently addressing cyber talent shortages, and significantly strengthening federal investment to protect critical infrastructure and government enterprises. is needed.
  • Accelerating Canada’s Technology Adoption – Lead by Example: Governments need to equalize Canada’s technology adoption rate with global technology adoption. A well-defined national digital strategy is indisputable. Canada’s technology sector is home to world-leading technology and innovation that can provide the backbone of modern, agile, productive and efficient public services. The federal government needs to set policies and standards for governments, organizations, and businesses at other levels across Canada.

TECHNATION looks forward to presenting its ideas and recommendations to political leaders and department officials throughout the Government of Canada throughout the week. Follow the “Hill Days” social post – # TechHillDays2022 – on LinkedIn and Twitter.



Angela Mondu, President and CEO of TECHNATION, said: “Canada has the opportunity to use easily accessible public sector resources to build a world-class digital government, improve citizen access and experience in government services, while supporting the growth of the technology sector. Canada’s federal government needs to prioritize cybersecurity and accelerate its efforts to combat malicious cyber campaigns. This is a mission critical to secure Canada’s digital future. “

“Canada has the right elements to regain its position as a global innovation and technology leader, including the world’s most educated workforce and an increasing number of domestic companies offering pioneering innovation. Is already there, “added Mike Hilton, President of HPE Canada. “With the right strategy and the right government support, Canada’s digital economy is a true success story and could be a global force in the long run.”

John Cousens, Managing Director of Public Sector Canada on Google Cloud, said: “Maximizing digital adoption requires collaboration between the technology industry and the public sector to achieve this ambitious goal. This week, we’re making a big difference with key government officials. We look forward to discussing how to build a digital nation for the future. “


TECHNATION is a link between industry and government for Canada’s technological prosperity. As a member-led non-profit organization, TECHNATION integrates Canada’s technology sector, government and community to enable technology prosperity in Canada. TECHNATION drives the prosperity of technology by providing advocacy, professional development and networking opportunities for industries and governments at all levels. Connect Canada’s scale-up with world technology leaders. Involve in the global supply chain. Fill the technology talent pipeline.

TECHNATION has been the prestigious national voice of the $ 230 billion ICT industry for over 60 years. Over 44,000 Canadian ICT companies create and deliver products and services that contribute to a more productive, competitive and innovative society. The ICT sector creates more than 671,100 jobs and invests $ 8 billion annually in R & D, more than any other private sector performer. For more information, please visit

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TECHNATION brings a positive roadmap to Canadian business journal Ottawa

Source link TECHNATION brings a positive roadmap to Canadian business journal Ottawa

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