Tailscale was selected for the 4th Enterprise Tech 30 List presented by Wing Venture Capital of the Canadian Business Journal.

Toronto, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —Tailscale, a company that makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to create and manage trusted, human-sized private networks, is today named the 4th Annual Enterprise Tech 30. Announced that it was done. A definitive list of the most promising private tech companies across all stages of maturity. Tailscale is second in the list of 10 companies in the early category.

Enterprise Tech 30 reveals the enterprise startups that are most likely to structurally change the way businesses operate. Enterprises join the elite community through a selection-only process based on a successful background and the practical reach of enterprise technology. Over 15,000 venture-backed private technology companies across various stages were considered in a two-step process by 97 venture capitalists and 27 corporate development teams. ET30 members are growing rapidly to change the way they do business and are expected to be an exit for future IPOs and billions of dollars.

The companies on the list are categorized by the total capital raised. The early stages include companies that have raised less than $ 25 million, the medium stage includes between $ 25 million and $ 100 million, and the late stages include more than $ 100 million.

The tail scale has grown tremendously in 2021. Now that you can work from anywhere in the last two years, remote, hybrid, and even on-premises teams need to protect their networks end-to-end with low latency, including access. Cloud instances and on-premises resources. Enterprises trust Tailscale to interconnect devices and services. No matter where your team is in the world, what your operating system is, or where your infrastructure is running, Tailscale works.

As a software-only solution, Tailscale offers minimal latency and works with existing identity services such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Okta, so authentication is seamless. Tailscales are set up and configured in minutes on average, while other solutions take weeks to fully implement and maintenance of the DevOps team takes hours a week.

“Tailscale has grown rapidly within the organization to relieve tensions between connectivity and security tools,” said Avery Pennarun, co-founder and CEO of Tailscale. “Tailscale is a simple, fast and elegant way to securely connect the right people to the right resources without any hardware, infrastructure, or upfront costs. This allows enterprise teams to VPN. Instead of limiting yourself, you can roll out and focus on your productivity. “

“Our Enterprise Tech 30 list recognizes the most promising private venture support companies. The selected companies are leaders in that category, transforming and innovating today’s markets to meet tomorrow’s needs. We are promoting it, “said Peter Wagner, founding partner of Wing Venture Capital and founder of Enterprise Tech 30. Celebrate all list participants as they act as the backbone of how the business operates and it is important to shed light on the companies that are forming the industry. ”

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About ET30

The Enterprise Tech 30 list, facilitated by Wing Venture Capital, clearly shows the top 30 most promising private companies in enterprise technology, as determined by the sector’s leading venture capitalists. Share the knowledge of venture capital and the corporate development community to identify the enterprise startups that are most likely to change the way technology companies operate.

About tail scale

Tailscale is a new type of corporate VPN that requires no hardware or infrastructure and can be set up in minutes. Founded in 2019 by a former Google engineer, the company is backed by Accel, Heavybit and Uncork Capital. For more information, please visit

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Tailscale was selected for the 4th Enterprise Tech 30 List presented by Wing Venture Capital of the Canadian Business Journal.

Source link Tailscale was selected for the 4th Enterprise Tech 30 List presented by Wing Venture Capital of the Canadian Business Journal.

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