Summerland church receives property tax relief

Three churches in Summerland will receive generous tax exemptions for the next four years.

On August 22, the Summerland Council voted to grant exemptions to Julia Street Church, St. John’s Lutheran Church, and Christian Missionary Union Church.

The generous tax exemption covers the calendar years 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026.

The three churches are the only churches in Summerland with more land than is deemed necessary to provide services.

In August 2018, the Summerland Council reduced the three churches’ generous tax exemptions on an annual scale, giving them a 70% exemption in 2019, a 50% exemption in 2020 and a 25% exemption in 2021. .

However, the ordinance was not updated for 2022, and no church received a generous tax exemption initially.

Summerland city officials worked with churches to provide subsidies to adjust tax rates.

At the council meeting on August 22nd, the pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Jeffrey Koenig, sought a 100% exemption for 100% of the church’s property.

The church operates a community garden on part of its grounds.

Pastor Don Houston of Julia Street Church said the remaining area could not be used due to access problems. He added that while the church can maintain its financial position, it will be difficult to proceed with further development.

Pastor Rick Gay of Summerland Alliance Church said the church has a garden on land within the farmland reserve.

He wants the church to receive 100% tax exemption on the property. The church is working on expanding community garden projects.

There is a house in front of the church. This home is rented to a family for below market value.

Each church receives a 100% tax exemption on land not exceeding the amount used to provide services.

In addition, each church receives a tax exemption for surplus land, but this amount varies from case to case.

For St. John’s Lutheran Church, 100% waiver of land in excess of the amount used to provide services. This includes a portion of the church grounds used for community garden projects.

For Julia Street Church, there is a 25% reduction for land in excess of the amount used to provide services.

For Summerland Alliance Church, most surplus land, including the church’s community garden project, will be reduced by 100%. However, homes located in front of church grounds are not tax deductible. Local governments do not provide tax relief for residences located on church property.

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Summerland church receives property tax relief

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