Stranger Things: See Vecna ​​Behind the Scenes-E!online

I don’t know what’s scary: the monster itself Also Look at them being made.

From Mindflare to Demogorgon to the latest horrifying additions, Vecna. Stranger Things It’s full of scary creatures that make adults want to check out monsters under the bed.

But how do these monsters break into our little screen? Now, in an exclusive interview with E! news’ While you are streamingI chatted with Barry GowerNetflix Series Prosthesis Designers will answer all your burning questions.

Gauer, who runs a special effects makeup company with his wife, was tasked with creating Vecna, the scariest monster of the season.

“Rather than just making a rubber monster suit, but something he could slip through, we wanted to make it all his prosthesis,” Gower explained. “It’s all completely added to his skin and glued with medical glue, so everything fits very slim and foam.”

And how many pieces did you have? According to Gower, “a total of about 2425 appliances.”

Each piece was placed in Jamie Campbell, The person who starred as Vecna. “It’s the first application to glue to the whole body from start to finish,” Gower said. [took] 8 and a half hours. “

Stranger Things: See Vecna ​​Behind the Scenes-E!online

Source link Stranger Things: See Vecna ​​Behind the Scenes-E!online

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