Stop Following New Financial “Trends”

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Whether it’s the latest cryptocurrency investment or some kind of “Earn without doing anything!scheme, it can be difficult to resist the ever-emerging, shiny ‘new’ financial trends. But often these trends aren’t really all that new. Even so, it’s important to look for signs that you’re destined for failure. Income and investment opportunities that sound too good to be true are often just that. And scam or not, chasing these trends is usually a mistake.

Sure, I know I won’t fall for phishing scams. For example, do not provide PayPal information in text messages from unknown numbers. Here are other types of financial trends that are best ignored.

Avoid “get rich quick” investment opportunities

It’s not an obvious scam, but it’s important to be wary of financial trends that can be very risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. For example, consider a game app.If you put a lot of money into a sports betting app (especially the ones that promise to pay you in cash), for example, you need to budget for compounding losses and long stretches where you won’t win anything. Even if you haven’t fallen victim to scams, these apps aren’t usually a fruitful way to make money.

Cryptocurrencies also fall into this same category. is a relatively new market, it demands higher risk than defenders will make you believe.

Avoid income fraud

In addition to investment scams, many income “opportunities” are also scams. Virtual personal assistants are a common example of this. You will be hired immediately and will have to deposit your salary from your “boss” almost may see A few It gives you peace of mind when performing the next task from your boss. You can transfer money to another account or buy a gift card.according to Federal Trade CommissionThese scams work because banks need to make available checks deposited within a day or two, but it can take weeks to discover fake checks received as “payments.” There are cases. And it’s up to you to pay the bank the difference. The FTC says the median reported false losses.Check Job Fraud is $2,300.

The best way to avoid income fraud is to Do your research and take your time. Avoid the high-pressure hiring process and search online for company names and words like reviews, scams, complaints, and more.

Remain skeptical about financial trends

In summary, the four fraud indicators (or fraud-adjacent opportunities) are: Ontario Securities Commission:

  1. Promise high return and low risk.
  2. Claiming “tips” or insider information.
  3. The pressure to buy now builds.
  4. Seller is not registered to sell investments.

As a rule of thumb, avoid “get rich quick” investment advice. If that’s true, why would this person share it with millions of people? A further question to ask yourself: Is anyone feeling pressured to act on an idea with zero track record of success? Hmm? Do you personally understand where your money is going?conduct Do your own research before putting your money elsewhere.

See here for more grounded personal finance tips our guide And Here’s To Start Your Budget Personal Finance Steps You Can Take Right Now to prepare for recession.

Stop Following New Financial “Trends”

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