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Stolen BRP Data Exposed to Dark Web

The RansomEXX ransomware gang is believed to be behind the recent cyber attack on BRP. Her Facebook page at Hackfest reported yesterday that the gang uploaded nearly 30 GB of her data. This includes passports, contracts, projects and partner data.

In a press release published late Tuesday night, BRP noted that “information about some of its employees and suppliers obtained by an unauthorized third party was leaked to the underground web.”

The company also said in a press release dated August 15 that the investigation is still ongoing and the evidence collected so far suggests the impact of the incident is limited from a data privacy perspective. He said it can be considered that there is.

BRP also confirmed that it has contacted a small number of employees who may have been affected by the incident, adding that it has made appropriate resources available, including credit monitoring services. The company further believes the compromised information about some of its suppliers is of limited volume and confidentiality and is in the process of contacting them.

Additionally, although there is no evidence that customer personal information was affected by the attack, if the results of our investigations indicate otherwise, we will contact the affected individuals or businesses directly.

Stolen BRP Data Exposed to Dark Web

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