Steve Wallis is camping on some trees near you

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Steve Wallis parks at the Lewis Farm Transit Center, gets out of the van and picks up his backpack. But instead of walking towards the waiting bus, he turns into the woods and speaks to the camera.

“I think we all know what’s going on here,” he joked, panning the camera to show the concrete jungle, public tanks, and stands of distant trees. .. “Now it’s a tricky part. It sneaks into the forest without being too obvious.”

More than 828,000 subscribers to Steve Wallis’ YouTube channel know that: He camps at night just outside the transit center. This is a challenge to both the ability to remain hidden and the understanding of gear needed to prevent freezing in the midst of Edmonton’s harsh winters.

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Wallis is the creator of YouTube content, and stealth camp is his attraction. He looks for spots that aren’t strictly legal while filming his efforts to share with his followers. Over a few times, he sees and hears someone nearby, who could catch him and ruin him all night in that act.

But Wallis knows when to get away from potential problems before he gets caught. If he is recognized on the way into the bush, or if he sees too much activity in the place he is trying to set up, he simply leaves. He has not yet been captured by guards or city park rangers, and his records have no tickets or scars.

“After walking through the woods several times, people recognize me and say,’You’re Steve,'” says Wallis.

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He also Recognizing the limits of the law, he brought his own camping stove to avoid tickets for having a direct fire. Wallis is a polite camper van that carries more trash than you bring in. I think the worst thing he can face is a ticket to stay in the park area outside business hours, about $ 100.

Wallis has been increasing his followers on his YouTube channel for nearly a decade. The video was originally about living in his van before moving to full-fledged outdoor content. Unfortunately, the market was saturated with similar ideas, and it cost a lot to put them together, so Wallis was ready to resign. As the last one, he jumped into the woods behind the house and made the final video for his followers. He put it all together and pushed upload. The next day, the popularity of video soared.

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“It was like throwing a towel in that last video,” says Wallis. “The next day I saw it, and it really exploded. It had reached 1 million views in a week or two.”

The video two years ago is still on his YouTube channel. This was a turning point in his career, allowing him to step back from his day-to-day work of repairing furnaces and fully focus on his new online profession. In another 30-minute video from early 2020, Wallis spends the night in a U-Hall van. The video has been viewed more than 5.5 million times, but there was no support from the car rental company.

“U-Hall wasn’t happy with me,” Wallis laughs.

YouTube advertising costs are billed, but revenue can skyrocket. To increase his income, Wallis has a series of products branded with catchphrases from his videos, such as “Step to Brewing Company,” which is a reference to adult drinks enjoying after setting up a camp, CampingWithSteve. Is on sale.

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Wallis thought he camped in the best places in Edmonton and now goes farther out to the commuter town around Edmonton and “sees 50 great places I can sneak away”. I am.

That is the future of his channel, the future of his escape at Stealth Camp. More travel and more projects, what he calls “red-green style stuff to test outdoors”, mentions comedian Steve Smith’s alter ego who repaired everything with duct tape.

“The channel must be dynamic because you can’t constantly try to surpass the last stealth camp adventure. You won’t stealth camp every month.”

For more information on Wallis, please visit Here you will find a link to his YouTube channel.

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Steve Wallis is camping on some trees near you

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