Stantech awarded engineering during construction and commissioning of a Buffalo Pond water treatment plant renewal project, Canadian Business Journal

Edmonton, Alberta and Regina, Saskatchewan, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Stantec, a global leader in sustainable design and engineering, is constructing and commissioning the Buffalo Pond Water Treatment Plant Renewal Project (BPWTP). Awarded engineering during. ) As part of the Graham-Aecon Joint Venture in Saskatchewan. Stantec, along with partners Graham, Aecon, and Associated Engineering (AE), led the engineering design for a $ 273 million comprehensive upgrade to BPWTP using a progressive design-build delivery model. This is the first time this delivery model has been adopted for water infrastructure in Canada.

This project is owned by Buffalo Pond Water Treatment Plant Corporation (BPWTP Corporation) and is currently under construction. In addition to 260,000 customers in the cities of Moose Jaw and Regina, we offer upgraded water treatment plants to users of Sask Water and Buffalo Pound State Park. BPWTP is located about 30km northeast of Moose Jaw. The plant, which went into operation in 1955, has undergone three major capacity and process improvements since its initial construction, with the final capacity increase completed in 1989. The plant’s infrastructure elements are nearing the end of the operational life cycle, and this renewal project will help address climate. Relevant raw water conditions, evolving regulatory requirements help prevent loss of water supply, address outdated water treatment technologies, all simplify operations and increase capacity to meet future demands.

Stantech is involved in construction inspection, start-up and test run activities. A key element of the project’s overall engineering design was to reuse much of the existing infrastructure to reduce construction costs and minimize the construction of new building footprints.

“We are very proud of the design team and partners working on this project,” said Gillian Edwards, Design Manager for BPWTP Updates at Stantech. “This is an operating plant and cannot experience long shutdown periods. Our design team has worked closely with construction partners and BPWTP Corporation to carry out construction and commissioning activities in sequence. In this way, you can ensure that your physical upgrade is completed with minimal impact on your current water production. “

Rian Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Buffalo Pond Water Treatment Plant Corporation, said: ..

Stantech has completed an Issued Construction (IFC) package for plant renewal, including an updated processing process to meet future regulatory requirements. Work in the first phase of Stantech included design and regulatory approval support. Stantech’s architects also worked with water treatment plant engineers to design a new administration building for BWPTC Corporation staff. This building connects plant operation, maintenance, and management groups to improve team cohesion.

The project is expected to be completed in 2025.

The Stantec-Graham-Aecon-AE Partnership has delivered over 30 alternative delivery projects together, worth over $ 2 billion in total. About two-thirds of Western Canada’s population drinks water from treatment plants provided by this group of consultants who have completed projects in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Other major projects completed by this partner team include Regina wastewater treatment plant upgradee With Saskatchewan Bonnie Brook Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Program In Calgary.

By considering all aspects of water as an integrated system, Stantech is more sustainable, reliable and affordable to tackle global water problems and improve water, energy and infrastructure solutions. Accelerate the road to the future. For more information,

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Stantech awarded engineering during construction and commissioning of a Buffalo Pond water treatment plant renewal project, Canadian Business Journal

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