Squardle is the most challenging Wordle variant ever

Screenshots of the start, middle, and end of the Squardle game. There are lots of boxes, letters and colors in the middle.The end is "You win" In large letters. See the article for a detailed explanation.

It’s not today’s puzzle, and there’s no spoilers.
screenshot: Beth Skwarecki / Squardle

I thought waffle It was unique: sIxWordles in the grid, can be solved by guessing 10 to 15 times.But after I wrote about it, reader Karl Knecht Tweet That “waffle gives you a letter, Squared works for you [them].. ”

I clicked it and it was true. Waffles are like Rubik’s cubes. A letter will be provided and your job is to make a clever exchange. Elegant and It ’s so simple that you do n’t need it. keyboard. If you want to use square Wordles (I’m sure the variations have their own variations), start with Waffle.

And once You are crazy, I want to drag you further To the depths of confusion and despair. Play Squarel with me.

How to play Squardle

You can find Square Here..The The first clue you are on an adventure is the length of the explainer. Instead of some pointers (green means you understand correctly, yellow means somewhere else in the word), say “Um … show me the board” Extensive instruction of the kind that can be given is given. And you look at the board. And I wish you were more careful.

I would like to summarize:

  • The board is initially blank.
  • Your first guess goes into the first line When First column
  • If a hit (green) occurs, the character remains intact. You don’t have to guess again.
  • When you guess the letters, you’ll see a small colored box that sticks together as a clue.Yellow means somewhere in the row, red means somewhere in the column, orange means both, and white means somewhere in the puzzle. no In that row or column, black means it’s not included in the puzzle at all.
  • Every word you solve gives you extra guessing.

You get 10 guesses first. Each time you make a guess, you are given a row and columns to put the guess in. (Look for the small pointers on the top and sides of the screen.)

How to win with Squardle

In the more typical Wordles, it often feels like there isn’t enough information. There are 26 letters in the alphabet, and you will always have only 5 or 10 pieces of information. However, Square gets so much information that it can be difficult to know what to do with everything. The little red, orange, yellow, black and white squares all shout at you clues, and you’re caught in the middle of which you don’t know which one to understand. Or at least that was my experience.

I got to win the first game, but I didn’t give up a few times. So, of course, I thought I got the hang of it and tried the second game. (With waffles, the first game was tough and the second game had a perfect 5-star ending.)

Instead, Square feels like one of the movies where the character wins, as the moment when everything is lost is nearing its end, crying towards popcorn, and slowly and slowly things start to turn around. Playing a second game is like looking back and returning to the theater, knowing you’re about to cry again.

In three games, I propose two main strategies.

  • Pay attention to clues
  • If you are overwhelmed, stop paying attention to clues

To successfully solve the puzzle, you need to alternate between the two strategies. Please do your best. If you know a game that is harder than this, share it. Ready to get hurt.

Squardle is the most challenging Wordle variant ever

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